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Replace Bellevilles/Disc Springs with Rotor Clip Wave Springs

Eliminate Misalignment, Deliver Precise Repeatable Loads & Consistent Performance

When designing projects that require precise repeatable loads, accurate positioning, and minimal deflection, traditional Belleville washers or disc springs may fall short. Wave springs deliver the consistent performance engineers need, making them an excellent replacement for Belleville washers and disc springs. Misalignment can occur in Belleville stacks, but using a single wave spring eliminates this issue. Rotor Clip offers an extensive range of wave springs—single-turn, multi-turn, round-wire, and nested—that provide varied forces and deflections. 

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Multi-Turn Wave Springs vs. Belleville Washer/Disc Spring

Compact and robust, Multi-Turn Wave Springs can accommodate a wide variety of loads, deflections, and diameters. These highly engineered springs can be custom-made to exact application specifications, including the number of waves, wire thickness, & end-type configuration. As a versatile alternative to Belleville washers/disc springs, they offer improved performance in applications where space is limited and precision is critical.

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3d render comparison of belleville washer vs rotor clip multi-turn wave spring
  • Can save space by up to 50% in the axial direction.
  • Space savings in radial direction versus Belleville washers/disc springs with larger diameters.
  • Simplify assembly processes due to their single-component design, eliminating the need to stack individual washers or springs.
  • Can be tailored to exact application specifications, including the number of waves, wire thickness, and end-type configuration.

Round-Wire Wave Springs vs. Belleville Stack/Disc Springs

Designed for use in high load, high rate, low deflection, static, or low cycling applications, Round-Wire wave springs are a popular alternative to Belleville disc springs/stacks. These robust and precise wave springs can optimize your application by providing more accurate loading, saving radial space, and reducing material usage, making them a cost-effective replacement for traditional springs.

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rotor clip round-wire wave spring vs belleville washer and belleville disc springs/stack
  • Offer greater loading capacity.
  • Deliver more accurate load control.
  • Reduce radial space requirements.
  • Use less material in their design, resulting in a lighter weight product.
  • Coiled rather than stamped, Round-Wire wave springs generate less waste.

Nested Wave Springs vs. Belleville Stack/Disc Springs

Coiled in parallel to form a continuous multi-layered coil, Nested Wave Springs significantly enhance load performance and increase load capacity and spring rates with each additional turn. This makes them ideal for high static load applications in compact spaces. Often used as an alternative to single Belleville washers or small Belleville stacks, Nested Wave Springs offer a more accurate and repeatable force while simplifying the assembly process.

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  • Eliminates the need to manually stack individual Belleville washers/disc springs.
  • Streamlines the assembly process and reduces the risk of installation errors.
  • Provides more reliable and consistent force.
  • Reduces the potential for misalignment and uneven loading.
belleville washer vs rotor clip nested wave spring render

Custom Wave Spring Solutions

Rotor Clip has the unique ability to design, prototype and scale your wave springs to your production requirements to achieve the desired spring forces, rates, and cycle requirements at your specified working height. Almost any property can be modified to achieve your desired results, this includes:

  • Outside or inside diameters from .118″ – 24″ (3 mm – 610 mm)
  • Material thickness
  • Radial wall (material cross-section)
  • Number of waves
  • Number of turns
  • Alloy selection
  • End configurations

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Wave Spring Materials & Finishes

Rotor Clip offers a wide range of materials for wave springs, including options with corrosion resistance, strength, conductivity, and heat resistance to withstand challenging environments. Wave springs are available in more material options than Belleville washers or disc springs, ensuring the best match for your specific application.

  • AISI 316 Stainless (DIN Material No.: 1.4401)
  • A286 (DIN Material No.: 1.4980)
  • Inconel X-750 (DIN Material No.: 2.4669)
  • Elgiloy (DIN Material No.: 2.4711)
  • Hastelloy C276 (DIN Material No.: 2.4819)
  • Beryllium-Copper (DIN Material No.: 2.1247)
  • Phosphor-Bronze (DIN Material No.: 2.1030)

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rotor clip materials and finishes for wave springs

Optimizing Your Application with Wave Springs vs. Disc Springs

Rotor Clip wave springs are widely utilized across diverse manufacturing sectors, including Automotive, Aerospace, Oil and Gas, and Medical. View the examples below to see how Rotor Clip’s wave springs excel in different applications.

More Wave Spring Application Examples

round wire wave spring in bearing preload

Bearing Preload with Round-Wire Wave Spring

ball valve application with rotor clip nested wave spring

Ball Valve with Nested Wave Spring

downhole drilling tool application with rotor clip multi-turn wave spring

Downhole Drilling Tool with Multi-Turn Wave Spring


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