Wave Spring Application Examples

Wave Spring Solutions For Virtually Any Application

Rotor Clip Wave Springs are widely utilized across diverse manufacturing sectors, including Automotive, Aerospace, Defense, Energy, and Medical industries. Our range of wave springs are available in standard and custom configurations, engineered to suit various application needs. From single-turn wave springs to nested designs, Rotor Clip offers an extensive selection to meet specific requirements. Explore some examples below to see how Rotor Clip’s wave springs excel in different applications.

Quick Connector Wave Spring

Quick Connector with Single-Turn Wave Spring

Ultrasonic Motor Wave Spring

Ultra Sonic Motor with Single-Turn Wave Spring

Steering Assembly Wave Spring

Power Steering Assembly with Single-Turn Wave Spring preloading a bearing

Fuel Filter Wave Spring

Fluid Filter Cartridge with Multi-Turn Wave Spring

Car Mirror Wave Spring

Side View Mirror with Multi-Turn Wave Spring

fishing reel wave spring application

Fishing Reel with Multi-Turn Wave Spring

liquid connector with spiral ring and wave spring

Fluid Quick Connect with Multi-Turn Wave Spring and Spiral Ring

Downhole Drilling Application

Directional Drilling Tool with Multi-Turn Wave Spring

sensor preload with wave spring and spiral ring

Sensor Preload with Single-Turn Wave Spring featuring patented flat ends

Flow Control Valve Wave Spring

Flow Control Valve with Multi-Turn Wave Spring

Fluid Flow Valve with Multi-Turn Wave Spring

Break Away Fluid Coupling with Multi-Turn Wave Spring

Fluid Flow Valve with Multi-Turn Wave Spring

Fluid Flow Valve with Multi-Turn Wave Spring

Ball Valve Wave Spring Application

Ball Valve with Multi-Turn Wave Spring

bearing preload with nested wave spring

Bearing Preload with Nested Wave Spring

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