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Retaining Rings and Wave Springs for the Energy Industry

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Engineered To Perform For Wind, Oil, and Gas Machinery

People around the world are counting on oil, gas, and wind to provide power. No matter where you are in the market — upstream or downstream, refining or distributing, under the ocean or in a vast turbine field, you need parts you can rely on.

That’s why the energy industry counts on the dependability of Rotor Clip. Our parts are designed for the high-pressure demands of your field. They are rugged and reliable — just like you. We custom design solutions to ensure full scalability and performance in any condition.

We’re ready to move fast and support you at every step.

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Certified to Manufacture for the Energy Industry

All our products are manufactured in accordance with the relevant standards. Our commitment to them is at the heart of our mission. Rotor Clip is certified and registered to ISO 9001ISO 14001, AS9100, IATF 16949 & ISO 13485

An image depicting a downhole drilling tool fitted with a wave spring, a crucial component for enhancing operational efficiency and reliability in drilling operations

The Parts You Need to Build For Oil and Gas

Rotor Clip can manufacture parts in materials required by the industry for high operating temperatures, highly corrosive media and heavy mechanical loads:

  • Inconel X-750 (DIN Material No.: 2.4669)
  • Elgiloy (DIN Material No.: 2.4711)
  • Hastelloy C276 (DIN Material No.: 2.4819)
  • A286 Stainless (DIN Material No.: 1.4980)
  • AISI 302 Stainless (DIN Material No.: 1.4319)
  • AISI 316 Stainless (DIN Material No.: 1.4401)
  • Beryllium-Copper (DIN Material No.: 2.1247)
  • Phosphor-Bronze (DIN Material No.: 2.1030)

The Parts You Need To Build Wind Energy

Rotor Clip retaining rings are highly engineered components with tooling designed by our in-house engineering staff and built by our tool room. All processes are performed in-house including forming the rings according to exacting specifications and heat treating them in our own in-house furnaces designed specifically for retaining rings.

The heat treating process is critical since the performance of the ring depends on reaching a pre-determined hardness condition, which is assured through computerized feeding mechanisms and strict quality checking procedures.

Rotor Clip is committed to helping you forge cleaner technologies.

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wind turbine mechanics with retaining ring
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A Partnership From Prototype to Production

Some projects require retaining rings and wave springs that have been used before. Others are unique and need to be custom made. They all need to withstand the toughest conditions, and help you adjust to changing technologies and an evolving regulatory environment.

That’s why our energy engineer experts can be with you from Day 1. We understand your industry, and have been working alongside you for decades. We understand your requirements and work with you to identify the parts needed for successful builds.

If the solution doesn’t yet exist? We’ll make it. Our one-stop shop allows us to customize, design, and build, with no interference. It’s fast and efficient and we operate at scale.

It’s how we’re more than parts. We’re a true partnership.

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Popular Energy Applications for Rotor Clip Retaining Rings and Wave Springs

An image depicting a downhole drilling tool fitted with a wave spring, a crucial component for enhancing operational efficiency and reliability in drilling operations
  • Pitch systems
  • Main shaft bearings
  • Yaw systems
  • Gearbox bearings
  • Generator bearings
3D render of a rotary union fitted with a spiral retaining ring from Rotor Clip, illustrating the precise application of the ring for secure rotational connections
  • Fixing of electrical switch/control boxes
  • Drive shafts of downhole tools
  • Form-lock connecting of tubes
  • Pre-load anchoring devices of downhole tools
  • Brake systems
Ball Valve Wave Spring Application
  • Ball Valves / Shut-Off Valve
  • Pre-load baffle plates of downhole tools
  • Pre-load fixing systems installed on sea ground
  • Downhole tools

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