A Variety of Packaging Options to Satisfy Your Installation Needs.

Rotor Clip’s dedication to quality extends from production through the final delivered product.

Our service doesn’t stop at the manufacture of our parts. We ensure that our parts are packaged the way way you want them. With a variety of packaging options available to ensure your parts arrive in excellent condition to extend shelf life, and allow you to meet schedule and cost projections by simplifying your assembly and installation.

Rotor Clip gladly helps accommodate various installation needs with packaging options to suit manual or automated machinery or help meet specific PPM quality goals.

person stacking retaining rings for packaging


Additional packaging options are designed to simplify part insertion into special applicators and dispensers, handle oiled parts and reduce sorting to help keep your parts well-organized. Innovative Rotor Clip packaging means you can process parts efficiently and enhance productivity at your facility.

Retaining rings on wire packaging

Rings On Wire

Standard bulk packaging for certain rings. Rings on Wire eliminates mixed parts and sorting while reducing part handling and transit. All parts are packaged burr oriented; beveled parts are properly oriented on the stack; and ROW yields a flatter part. Best of all, there is no additional cost for this packaging method.

Packaging Code: ROW

Bulk packaging for retaining rings

Bulk Packaging (No Code)

Retaining rings are packaged in boxes or bags based on part size. Ideal for manual or pneumatic installation.

Packaging Code: No Code

Retaining rings stacked on tape for packaging

Tape Stacking

Rings are stacked on top of one another, using automated equipment, and taped in that position. The resulting cartridges can be used to feed automated assembly equipment for easy, efficient installation.

Packaging Code: S

Shrink wrapped retaining rings

Shrink Wrapping

Rings are shrink wrapped, which is particularly useful on Phosphate and Oil (PD) or other oiled parts to which tape will not stick.

Packaging Code: RO1

Wave springs shrink wrapped packaging

Wave Spring & Spiral Rings Stacking

Single-turn and spiral rings are available stacked to certain heights. Shrink wrap is standard.

Packaging Code: RO1

Rod stacked retaining rings packaging

Rod Stacking

The parts are stacked and held in place with a flat metal rod. The resulting cartridge can be inserted into a ring dispenser which, in conjunction with an applicator, enables easier and more efficient ring installation.

Packaging Code: WO1

Packaging Options by Product Line

For more detailed packaging options for each of our product lines, select one of the below.


  • Rotor Clip stacking and bowl sorting methods prevent mixed or foreign parts — a particularly critical assurance to manufacturers who must meet the automotive industry’s strict PPM targets.
  • Rings on Wire stacking offers built-in quality assurances:
    • Parts are automatically stacked to the correct gap and bevel orientation for easy placement in assembly lines.
    • Because wires must pass through every lug hole, every retaining ring will be properly punched.
    • Tangled parts are eliminated, simplifying both automated and manual assembly.
  • An extensive quality policy focuses on meeting and exceeding customer expectations.
  • Lot traceability. Every product provided by Rotor Clip is labelled with a lot number. When needed, this lot number can be used to trace the history of the product, from raw material acquisition to shipment, including inspection records.

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