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Hose Clamps

Self-compensating hose clamps eliminate manual adjustments and enable efficient installation.

Sturdy, secure grip, designed for easy installation and removal.

Rotor Clip manufactures quality, self-compensating hose clamps to equip low-pressure applications. Our single wire, double wire and constant tension band hose clamps offer several advantages versus other clamps. They are self-compensating, meaning when temperatures rise and fall, the clamps expand and contract along with the hose to eliminate the hassle of performing manual adjustments.

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Our hose clamps are engineered for both pneumatic and manual installation and removal, making assembly  more efficient. And, since self-compensating hose clamps don’t have a screw mechanism, they cannot be over- or under-tightened. They also bear IATF 16949 and ISO 9001:2015 certification so customers can gain greater production efficiency without sacrificing quality.

Reduced installation time and effort yields cost savings which, combined with Rotor Clip quality, make our self-compensating hose clamps a sensible choice to boost your overall productivity and bottom line.

Seamless, Hassle-Free Design

Our range of Self-Compensating Hose Clamps are available in both band and wire configurations, with light and narrow options for varying applications. Offering an optimized alternative to conventional clamps, our designs streamline the clamping process, ensuring optimal performance and effectiveness. Explore the ranges below.

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Wire Hose Clamps

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Band Hose Clamps

Materials & Finishes

Wire Hose Clamps


  • SAE 1060-1075 steel
  • Specially processed premium grade spring wire, hardened and austempered to meet specified performance requirements.
  • Select sizes are available in stainless steel. Inquire for availability.


  • Peen-plate zinc (non-electrolytic process) 0.0002 inch minimum thickness plus dichromate treatment.

Constant Tension Band Hose Clamps


  • SAE 1074 steel
  • Chrome vanadium


  • Zinc-rich paint – Magni 511 finish
  • Mechanical Zinc

Constant Tension Light Band

Hose Clamps


  • SAE 1060-1090 steel


  • Phosphate
  • Mechanical Zinc Plate

Packaging Options


Rotor Clip hose clamps are bulk packaged in varying size boxes depending upon the size of the part.

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