Spiral Retaining Rings

Spiral Retaining Rings, similar to Tapered Section Rings and Constant Section Rings, act as an artificial shoulder seated in a groove on a shaft or contained within a housing. Spiral rings are a coiled product, allowing for flexibility in sizing and alloy selection. Standard series are available from stock in carbon and stainless steel (302 & 316) with speciality alloys readily available.

Rotor Clip offers a range of ring families, each with unique advantages. Among them, spiral retaining rings stand out for their ability to provide 360° contact in multi-turn configurations, space savings without assembly lugs, and the flexibility of standard or custom configurations. Additionally, choosing spiral rings can result in cost savings, particularly in larger diameters, thanks to efficient scrap minimization techniques.

Spiral retaining rings are available from:

  • Standard: .250 to 10” (6 mm to 400 mm)
  • Custom: .157” to 36” (4 mm to 900 mm)

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Image of spiral retaining rings, which are coiled, versatile alternatives to traditional circlips or snap rings, allowing for multi-turn, 360-degree retention without a lug


Spiral retaining rings are simple to install and remove. No special tools are required for assembly as the rings can be wound into the groove, however simple tooling allows for high-speed, automated assembly. For removal, spiral rings are provided with a removal notch or scallop, a basic screwdriver can be used to access the notch and wind the ring out of the groove.

rotor clip spiral ring installation

Step 1

Locate the groove

step two rotor clip spiral ring installation

Step 2

Separate Spiral Ring to fit end into groove

step three rotor clip spiral ring installation

Step 3

Guide Spiral Ring into groove on bore


step four rotor clip spiral ring installation

Step 4

Snap Spiral Ring into groove (use screwdriver if needed)

step five rotor clip spiral ring installation

Step 5

Installation Complete

Application Examples

Spiral retaining rings are commonly used in in the automotive, aerospace, medical device, and consumer electronics industries, among others, to secure components in place and withstand high rotational speeds and pressures.

spiral ring on rotary union application

Rotary Union with Spiral Ring

spiral ring on a keg application

Keg with Spiral Ring

Butterfly Valve Spiral Ring

Butterfly Valve with Spiral Ring

variety of spiral retaining rings in different materials

Materials & Finishes for Spiral Retaining Rings

Rotor Clip provides a variety of materials and finishes to suit any application.

More about material & finish options

Retaining rings customized for your project

Standard or custom, coiled or stamped, our rings are engineered for you. Send us your application requirements.

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