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Materials & Finishes for Spiral Retaining Rings

A variety of material and finishing options for Rotor Clip Spiral Retaining Rings

Materials and finishes to withstand any environment

Rotor Clip provides an extensive selection of materials for spiral retaining rings, catering to diverse application needs. Alongside standard options like carbon spring steel (ST), stainless steel AISI 316 (SU), and stainless steel AISI 302 (SJ), Rotor Clip also offers special material grades such as Elgiloy, Hastelloy, and Inconel. These exotic alloys are specifically designed to deliver exceptional corrosion and heat resistance, making them ideal for demanding applications. With Rotor Clip, customers can choose the perfect material to ensure optimal performance and durability in their specific environments.

Please note that the availability of rings in certain materials is subject to prior inquiry and acceptance of a formal quotation. Rotor Clip can also produce rings one gauge thicker or thinner than standard sizes. Again, such orders are subject to prior inquiry and acceptance of a formal quotation.

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variety of spiral retaining rings in different materials

Materials for Spiral Retaining Rings

Standard Materials

Carbon Spring Steel (ST)

This steel is known for its high strength and reliability in spiral ring applications. Since carbon steel is subject to corrosion, Rotor Clip rings are oil dipped to ensure some corrosion resistance.

Stainless Steel – AISI 316 (SU)

This type of stainless steel is heat resistant with superior corrosion resistance than other chromium nickel steels. It offers high creep strength at elevated temperatures and resistance to pitting. 316 stainless is often specified in the food and beverage industry,  medical industry or for salt water exposure.

Stainless Steel – AISI 302 (SJ)

This general purpose stainless steel offers corrosion resistance and can be cold worked to high tensile strengths. 302 stainless allows for temperatures up to 400°F.

Special Materials Grades

17-7 Stainless Steel (SQ)

This is used for high stress and fatigue applications. It has higher corrosion resistance than SAE 1070-1090, and can withstand much higher temperatures without loosing spring qualities. 17-7 PH/C stainless allows for temperatures up to 650°F.

Elgiloy (EG)

High-performance alloy known for its exceptional resistance to corrosion, high-strength and excellent mechanical properties.

Beryllium Copper (BC)

Applications that require conductivity are best served by this material. It is also characterized by excellent corrosion resistance and is particularly effective in sea, air and seawater atmospheres.

Phosphor Bronze (PB)

This type exhibits higher strength compared to standard phosphor bronze materials with the same tin percentages. It is also characterized by very good stress relaxation characteristics. (Note: Rotor Clip can also supply phosphor bronze material to DIN standard 17 662, Material Number 2.1020. Contact Rotor Clip Technical Sales for more information).

A286 Stainless Steel (SY)

This grade of stainless steel is a nickel based alloy that exhibits strength, oxidation resistance and can operate in temperatures up to 1000°F.

Inconel X-750 (IC)

This nickel-cobalt alloy has excellent resistance to corrosion and oxidation. It can be heat treated in a particular way to withstand temperatures to 1200°F.

Hastelloy C276 (HE)

High performance alloy is known for its exceptional corrosion resistance in aggressive environments. Excellent pitting resistance and typically used in industries such as chemical processing, oil & gas and aerospace.

Finishes for Spiral Retaining Rings

Oil Dip (OIL)

This standard finish for carbon steel spiral retaining rings offers an extended shelf-life protection against rusting. RoHS & ELV compliant.

Cadmium Plating

This protective coating offers excellent corrosion protection, ductility, natural lubricity and solderability in specialized applications.

Zinc Phosphate

This coating affords carbon steel excellent salt spray protection and corrosion resistance.

Black Oxide (BO)

This flat, black finish is used more for when aesthetics of the part are a factor with minimal corrosion protection. RoHS & ELV compliant.


The passivation process removes “free iron” contamination left behind on the surface of stainless steel due to the manufacturing process. Also, the passivation process facilitates the formation of a thin, transparent oxide film that protects the stainless steel from selective oxidation (corrosion).

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