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Constant Tension Band Hose Clamps

Effective clamping force to support your application

Sturdy, uniform grip to provide effective clamping force. Commonly found in spa applications and automotive industry.

Constant tension band clamps are used in applications where a lower clamping force than offered by single wire clamps is sufficient, but a higher clamping force than produced by a double wire hose clamp is needed. Constant tension band hose clamps are manufactured with a smooth, 15-millimeter wide construction to provide a sturdy, uniform grip and prevent against damage to the hose. A narrow version is also available.

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CTB – Standard

Desirable when a lower clamping force than offered by single-wire clamps is sufficient, but a higher clamping force than produced by double-wire clamps is needed.

CTL – Light

This cost-effective alternative to other types of band clamps does not compromise on quality or reliability.

Constant Tension Band Hose Clamp Application Examples

Self-compensating hose clamps can be found in applications across every industry. Here are some examples:

engine fuel filter with ctl hose clamp

Small Engine Fuel Filter with CTL Band Clamps

Automotive cooling tank with CTB hose clamp

Automotive Coolant Tank with CTB Band Clamp

flow control valve with ctb hose clamps

Flow Control Valve with CTB Band Clamps

Rotor Clip Constant Tension Band Clamps

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