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Rotor Clip retaining rings deliver quality, reliability, and unparalleled selection, backed by traceability, expertise and customer trust.

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When it comes to fastening methods, retaining rings from Rotor Clip are a cost-effective and reliable solution. Whether you’re creating an artificial shoulder or holding two components together, retaining rings offer minimal surface preparation and reduced mass compared to cotter pins and bolts. Our rings are ideal for high thrust loads and tolerances and are manufactured solely by Rotor Clip in the US and Europe to meet worldwide standards such as DIN, ANSI metric and JIS, ensuring that you receive a high-quality product every time.

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Your assembly has a crucial function to fulfill, but its integrity will only be as good as the reliability of your retaining ring. At Rotor Clip, we’re committed to producing the most durable and highest quality rings on the market.

Retaining rings can go by many names, including circlips, snap rings, e-rings, c-clips and more. No matter what you call them, Rotor Clip will offer the perfect solution for your application every time.

Rotor Clip has the most comprehensive product range globally with rings manufactured in house in diameters from .040” to 47″ (1 mm to 1200 mm) to suit applications in any industry or any environment.

Detailed 3D render of a high-quality external retaining ring, also known as a snap ring or circlip, designed for secure axial positioning on a shaft

Coiled or Stamped, Engineered For You

As the only manufacturer of every ring style, our goal is to provide you with the best solution for your application. Billions of rings flow through our factories annually, with either rings coiled from wire sections or stamped from strip. Our fully flexible processes cater for both mass production or smaller custom lots, large or small in both standard and special materials – exactly as specified by our customers. Explore our retaining ring families below.

Retaining rings customized for your project

Standard or custom, coiled or stamped, our rings are engineered for you. Not sure exactly which part you need? Our team will ensure you find the right part for your application.

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Installation & Removal

Image showing an array of removal and installation tools by Rotor Clip, designed specifically for handling various types of retaining rings, including circlips and snap rings

Installation and removal of the rings can be achieved in numerous ways, depending on the type of ring and the application. The most common methods are to use ring pliers to snap the rings into position for axially assembled rings, using an applicator tool for radially assembled E clips, or using a tapered mandrel to expand the ring into position. Select the right ring, and assembly tools to avoid damage to the retaining ring, the surrounding components or injury to personnel.

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Materials & Finishes

Unique to our industry, Rotor Clip stocks a wide selection of material grades and finishes to suit specific industries and their environments. Our engineering team will apply their rich metallurgical expertise to guide you to the material and finish selection process to maximize ring reliability and performance.

Explore material and finish options 

Tapered & Constant Section Materials

  • Carbon spring steel (ST)
  • Stainless steel – PH-15-7Mo (SS)
  • Beryllium copper alloy #25 (BC)
  • Stainless steel – DIN 1.4122 (SG)
  • Phosphor bronze alloy #5218 (PB)

Spiral Ring Materials

  • Stainless steel – AISI 302 (SJ)
  • Stainless steel – AISI 316 (SU)


  • Phosphate coating (PA), standard
  • Phosphate and oil (PD)
  • Phosphate with sealer (PAL)
  • Heavy phosphate and oil (HPD)
  • Zinc plating (ZD)
  • Zinc bright (ZF)
  • Zinc dichromate with sealer (ZDL)
  • Heavy zinc dichromate with sealer (HZDL)
  • Trivalent chromate over zinc (Z3X)
  • Galvanic zinc plating (GZN)
  • Oil over steel (OIL)

Packaged The Way You Want

Our service doesn’t stop at the manufacture of our parts. We package our parts according to your preferences, ensuring they arrive in excellent condition. Our packaging is designed for ease of handling, simplifying installation, and using fully recyclable materials. This enables you to meet your schedule, cost projections, and sustainability objectives. Count on Rotor Clip for exceptional service throughout the entire process.

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Image showcasing Rotor Clips retaining ring packaging options


Retaining rings/circlips can be found in applications across every industry. Here are some examples.

More retaining ring application examples

3D render of an actuator mechanism featuring a retaining ring by Rotor Clip, highlighting the ring's critical role in the secure and precise movement of the actuator components

Actuator with Internal Tapered Section Retaining Ring

3D render of a rotary union fitted with a spiral retaining ring from Rotor Clip, illustrating the precise application of the ring for secure rotational connections

Rotary Union with Spiral Retaining Ring

3D render of an electric motor (e-motor) featuring an e-clip retaining ring from Rotor Clip, demonstrating the ring's application in securing components within the motor assembly

Electric Motor with E Style Retaining Ring


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