Raw Materials Warehouse

Materials & Finishes

High-quality, high-strength materials and finishes produce the exact part for your application.

High-strength material offerings for even the most demanding environments

At Rotor Clip, we understand that different applications demand specialized materials to withstand varying operating temperatures, load cycles and corrosive environments. That’s why we proudly manufacture parts using a diverse range of high-quality materials, including high carbon spring steel, stainless steel grades, beryllium copper, phosphor bronze alloys and an array of specialty materials.

Although carbon steel is our standard offering for most parts, we maintain a vast inventory of steel materials  —including sometimes hard-to-find materials — to ensure that you have the right part to suit your requirements, in the right material, while maintaining prompt turnaround times.

The parts are heat treated for added toughness and may be phosphate coated to protect against corrosion at no additional cost. Customers may select from a wide variety of finishes such as oils, platings, phosphates, zincs and passivation options for further part protection.

And when it comes to ensuring reliability for critical applications like defense and aerospace, you can count on Rotor Clip. Pre-stamped, partially finished parts are readily available for quick coating with military and ASTM-grade finishes. We also stock pre-tested, pre-approved materials — including stainless steels — to respond to aerospace manufacturers’ and contractors’ needs for made-to-order components.

stocks of raw metal materials

Material Processing

shelves stacked with raw material

Raw Material Availability

A large variety of materials stocked and ready to use. Rotor Clip sources and stocks millions of pounds of steel annually from the highest quality producers in the world. From producing our own wire to drawing and flattening wire for our products, we control the entire process to ensure the tightest of tolerances are held.

In House Material Processing

From strip to wire, Rotor Clip has on hand the materials required to support our global customer needs. Our in-house wire operations ensure your demands are met, regardless of the volume requirements.

woman with raw material ready to be processed into wire
barrels filled with parts for finishing operations

Protecting your parts

Offering unparalleled, in-house capabilities through our vertically integrated manufacturing process, Rotor Clip plates, coats and protects our parts to ensure they hold up in their unique operating environment.

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  • Rotor Clips extensive quality policy focuses on meeting and exceeding customer expectations.
  • In-house testing. Rotor Clip maintains an ISO/TS 16949-accredited test laboratory and is capable of checking all phases of mechanical and metallurgical properties involved in the manufacture of retaining rings. Tests include temperature limit and salt spray testing.
  • Certifications and approvals:

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