Image of a bulk collection of multi-turn wave springs by Rotor Clip

Wave Springs

Why settle for ordinary springs when wave springs offer optimal force handling, space savings and performance?

Save up to 50% Axial Space in Your Application

If you’re looking for a spring solution for your assembly, don’t just settle for traditional coil or disc springs. In many cases, the routine choice may not be your best choice. After all, requirements like force handling, work heights, travel distances and avoiding wear and tear must be met — all in a small amount of space.

3D render comparing a wave spring and a coil spring, showcasing the distinct structural differences: the wave spring features compact, flat waves for efficient space usage, while the coil spring has a classic cylindrical helical form

Made from coiled flat wire with waves added for spring effect, wave springs have a superior force-to-work height ratio and require only half the work height of traditional springs. They provide consistent force over a wide range of deflections, transmitting those forces only in the intended axial direction while improving dimensional tolerances. Wave springs do not suffer from torsional loading and twisting that can cause wear.

At Rotor Clip, our wave springs can be customized with ease, without incurring tooling costs. Simple adjustments to the wire thickness, number of waves, or material cross-section can greatly alter the spring loads and cycle life capacity.

Whether you’re looking for axial or radial space savings, increased travel distances, or the ability to self-locate in bored holes and shafts, Rotor Clip wave springs are a versatile and reliable solution.

Sizes ranging from .118″ to 24″  (3 mm to 610 mm).


Optimize your application

Each type of wave spring has unique design features that allow for specific applications, such as high load capacities, low operating heights, and precise spring rates. Explore the different styles of wave springs that we offer below.

Replace Bellevilles/Disc Springs with Rotor Clip Wave Springs

Traditional Belleville washers or disc springs often fall short in delivering precise, repeatable loads and accurate positioning. Rotor Clip wave springs eliminate misalignment and ensure consistent performance, making them the ideal replacement.

Learn More On Why Wave Springs Are The Ideal Replacement

rotor clip round-wire wave spring vs belleville washer and belleville disc springs/stack

Wave Spring Materials & Finishes

Unique to our industry Rotor Clip carries a wide selection of material grades and finishes to suit specific industries and their environments. Rotor Clip’s staff will apply their rich metallurgical expertise to guide you to the materials and finishes that will maximize reliability and performance.

Explore material and finish options 


  • Carbon steel (standard)
  • 17-7 Stainless Steel
  • Special Material Grades:
    • Stainless – AISI 302
    • Stainless – AISI 316
    • Stainless – A286
    • Inconel® X-750
    • Elgiloy®
    • Hastelloy® C276
    • Beryllium-copper
    • Phosphor-bronze



  • Carbon steel – oil dip
  • Stainless – vapor degreased and ultrasonic cleaned
  • Stainless – passivation
  • Vibratory deburr

Packaging Options

Our service doesn’t stop at the manufacture of our parts. We ensure that our parts are packaged the way you want them so they arrive in excellent condition. The parts are also packaged in quantities and weights that offer ease of handling, simplification of installation and fully recyclable materials, allowing you to meet schedule and cost projections as well as sustainability objectives.

More on Wave Spring Packaging

Image showing different type of wave spring packaging options at Rotor Clip


Wave Springs can be found in applications across every industry. Here are some examples.

More wave spring application examples

Rendered illustration demonstrating the application of a single-turn wave spring for bearing preload. This configuration showcases the spring's role in maintaining optimal tension on bearings, ensuring smooth operation and reduced play for enhanced performance in mechanical systems

Bearing Preload with Single Turn Wave Spring

An image featuring a check valve equipped with a wave spring, a vital element ensuring efficient fluid flow control and prevention of backflow in various industrial applications

Check Valve with Multi-Turn Wave Spring

An illustration depicting a quick connector equipped with a single-turn wave spring, showcasing its efficient and reliable locking mechanism for secure connections. The wave spring ensures consistent compression, facilitating easy attachment and detachment while maintaining a tight seal for fluid or gas transfer applications

Quick Connector with Single-Turn Wave Spring


Explore some of our most frequently accessed materials about wave springs.

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