Self-Locking and Push-On Retaining Rings

Self-locking and push-on retaining rings combine small size, ease of installation and security into one solution. They have notches or indentations around the inside or outside diameter that keep the ring securely in place even under vibration or dynamic loads.

Self-locking and push-on retaining rings require no groove on the shaft, and are the ideal choice for applications that require very low thrust loads. These rings are offered in several configurations to position prongs or indentations on the shaft or bore to maximize the uniformity and gripping power to handle the load.

Sizes available from:

  • Standard: .058” to 1.980” (1.5 mm to 50 mm)
  • Custom: .040” to 47” (1 mm to 1200 mm)

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Self-locking and push-on retaining rings are easy to install, most simply needing to be pushed onto the component until fully seated. Since a groove is not needed for installation, self-locking rings and push-on rings can save machining time and overall cost. Most rings in this category cannot easily be removed once installed, giving peace of mind along with a secure assembly.

push on retaining ring graphic
automotive steering wheel with push-on ring


Some common applications for self-locking and push-on retaining rings include:

  • Automotive Steering Wheel assemblies
  • Cordless Power Drill
  • Faucet Valve Backup
  • Water Restrictors

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Materials & Finishes for Self-Locking and Push-on Retaining Rings

Rotor Clip provides a variety of materials and finishes to suit any application.

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Retaining rings customized for your project

Standard or custom, coiled or stamped, our rings are engineered for you. Send us your application requirements.

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