Rotor Clip Stamping Operations

Rotor Clip’s Full-Service Manufacturing Capabilities

Application Driven Solutions built to work for you, everything manufactured in-house.

Standard or Custom, We Manufacture Them All

Your project might need tens of thousands of custom parts, or might need a small number of a standard parts. No matter what, you want to be sure that each and every part meets your exact specifications, and is made to the highest possible standards.

That’s what we care about too. That’s why we manufacture all our products in-house. So that we know they’re going to work for you. We can build exactly what you need, without having to source it.

In doing so we save you time, cost, and most importantly, concern about quality. It’s our name behind every piece.


How Our Manufacturing Works For You

What do we do in-house? Everything. Our vertical integration allows for a very high level of quality control, process optimization, and innovation when it comes to manufacturing our retaining rings, wave springs, and hose clamps.

The Benefits of Customization

Why do we do it the old-fashioned way? Because it works for you.

Assurance of Exactness

When you need a custom part, we don’t have to go looking for one that fits. We build to your exact specifications.

Design to Build

In many cases, our engineering teams help design your custom parts, and the knowledge transfer to manufacturing is seamless.

Supply-Chain Control

When we manufacture in-house, there’s no worry about oversea goods being delayed. We build. We ship. We get there on time.

Rotor Clip engineers meeting

Custom Manufacturing Starts With Engineering

We know not everyone is passionate about rings and springs. But we are. Our engineering teams are here to help you design, implement, and perfect your projects. It’s how we create custom parts for every one of our partners. It’s how we manufacture our partnership.

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More than Parts. A True Partnership.

Our passion is creating the best rings, springs, and clamps. Our mission is to make your work a success. We are here for you.