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Hose Clamp Production

Tough materials and production efficiency satisfy your demand for high-quality, self-compensating hose clamps at an attractive price.

Rotor Clip is a trusted manufacturer of high-quality, self-compensating hose clamps. We combine strong materials with a lean manufacturing environment to provide customers with hose clamps that perform reliably in demanding applications while keeping costs low.

We produce hose clamps in single wire, double wire and constant-tension band configurations using both carbon spring steel or chrome vanadium steel for high strength. The steel goes through multislide machines with press heads to trim and wrap the wire. Multislide machines exemplify the company’s dedication to lean manufacturing by using less steel and performing fewer operations than other production methods, passing the material and per-piece cost savings on to our customers.

Hose Clamp Production

Rotor Clip’s dedicated engineering team will work with you to create the perfect hose/clamp joint connection for your application.

Each hose clamp is heat treated using the austempering method and well-regulated furnaces. We then plate each hose clamp with either a RoHS-compliant phosphate coating for extended shelf-life protection against rusting, or mechanical plating which provides extra protection against hydrogen embrittlement in high-stress applications.


  • Self-compensating hose clamps are produced in single wire, double wire and constant-tension band configurations.
  • Our vertically integrated manufacturing environment promotes cost-efficient production.
  • All Rotor Clip hose clamps are 100% made in the USA.
  • All design and tooling is performed inside our 238,000-square foot U.S. manufacturing facility by a highly skilled and experienced engineering staff.
  • Multislide machines with press heads require no excess material, less tooling and operations, yielding production savings that get passed on to the customer.
  • Specially built in-house heating and austempering equipment ensure exact hardness properties and the highest performance with short lead times.


  • Self-compensating hose clamps are certified to the following:
  • Functional tests are performed in house upon completion, and constant tension band materials are tested using pressure/temperature leak testing, fatigue testing and radial force testing.

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