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Materials & Finishes for Tapered and Constant Section Retaining Rings

A variety of material and finishing options for Rotor Clip tapered and constant section retaining rings

Materials and finishes to withstand any environment

Standard material for Rotor Clip retaining rings is carbon spring steel (SAE 1060-1090/UNS G10600-G10900). Rings can also be produced in our standard stainless steel (PH 15-7 Mo/UNS S15700) with DIN 1.4122 cold rolled stainless steel (UNS S42000) as an option and in our standard beryllium copper (Alloy #25/UNS C17200) and phosphor bronze (Alloy#5218/UNS C52180) as options.

Please note that the availability of rings in the stainless steel and copper materials is subject to prior inquiry and acceptance of a formal quotation. Rotor Clip can also produce rings one gauge thicker or thinner than standard sizes. Again, such orders are subject to prior inquiry and acceptance of a formal quotation.

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Material Options for Tapered & Constant Section Retaining Rings

Carbon Spring Steel (ST)

This steel is known for its high strength, and reliability in retaining ring applications. Since carbon spring steel is subject to corrosion, Rotor Clip treats all such rings with a protective coating to ensure some corrosion resistance. For long-term corrosion protection, it is recommended to apply a zinc plating or other finish over the steel. More details can be found in the “Finishes” section.

Beryllium Copper Alloy#25 (BC)

Applications that require conductivity are best served by this material. It is also characterized by excellent corrosion resistance and is particularly effective in sea air and seawater atmospheres.

Phosphor Bronze Alloy #5218 (PB)

The least expensive copper material Rotor Clip offers. This type exhibits higher strength compared to standard phosphor bronze materials with the same tin percentages. It is also characterized by very good stress relaxation characteristics.

Inconel X-750 (IC)

This nickel-cobalt alloy has excellent resistance to corrosion and oxidation. It can be heat treated in a particular way to withstand temperatures to 1200°F.

Stainless Steel, PH 15-7 Mo (SS)

An extra strength corrosion-resistant steel, capable of preventing atmospheric oxidation at temperatures up to 900º F. It also offers the following advantages:

    1. Minimal distortion due to unique heat-treating process.
    2. A minimum of 225,000 psi for high ultimate tensile strength.
    3.  High creep strength. Note: We reserve the right to substitute PH 17-7 stainless steel material for PH 15-7 Mo on larger rings. All PH 15-7Mo rings are supplied with a standard passivated finish.

Stainless Steel, DIN 1.4122 (SG)

A grade of stainless steel commonly used on DIN standard retaining rings, and a less expensive alternative to PH 15-7. Since general corrosion resistance for this material is less than PH 15-7, use of this material depends upon the application.


Finishes for Tapered and Constant Section Retaining Rings

Check out all your options listed below, or reach out for further information.

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Phosphate and Oil (PD)

This is the standard finish for tapered section and constant section rings. It provides 8-hour salt spray protection. RoHS & ELV compliant.

Phosphate Coating (PA)

This basic finish for plain steel rings offers an extended shelf-life protection against rusting. RoHS & ELV compliant.
Note: This finish has limited availability and PD will be offered as standard.

Heavy Phosphate and Oil (HPD)

This finish provides 72 salt spray hours and can be used in place of costly stainless steel material in some applications. RoHS & ELV compliant. (Contact Rotor Clip Technical Sales for more information).

Zinc Bright (ZF)

Most of the dichromate is leeched out of this process, leaving a “bright” silver finish on the parts. ZF offers some corrosion protection (48 hours), but is widely used when the aesthetics of the part are a factor.

Trivalent Chromate over Zinc (Z3X)

This coating meets global requirements for hexavalent-free coatings. Z3X, trivalent with a sealer, affords 240 salt spray hours of protection. RoHS & ELV compliant.

Phosphate with Sealer (PAL)

A coating is added to the finish to control loose phosphate crystals on the surface of the part. This finish is ideal for clean room applications. RoHS & ELV compliant.

Zinc Plating (ZD)

This coating features a yellow dichromate post plating finish. It affords the metal excellent salt spray protection (96 hours) and is particularly effective for applications exposed to seawater. Rotor Clip SAE 1060-1090 steel retaining rings are zinc plated using a mechanical plating process, which effectively eliminates hydrogen embrittlement.

Zinc Dichromate with Sealer (ZDL)

This improved finish offers corrosion protection of up to 240 hours of salt spray protection. (Heavy Zinc Dichromate with Sealer – HZDL – offers 480 hours of salt spray protection.) It is a low cost substitution for costly non-corrosive materials such as stainless steel in some applications. Call for additional information.

Oil over Steel (OIL)

Used for Constant Section Rings, an oil finish is applied over carbon steel to offer an extended shelf-life protection against rusting. No salt spray protection. RoHS & ELV compliant.

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