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Providing our customers with Application Driven Solutions

Rotor Clip, is the global leader in the manufacture of retaining rings, wave springs and hose clamps. With manufacturing in the United States and Europe and an extensive network of global warehouses and distribution partners, we’re able to supply and meet our customers production requirements and timelines worldwide.

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“We listen to our customers. We’re going to follow through on what we promise.”

“We know we’re a bit old-school when it comes to our customer. Our word is gospel, and we’re going to support you across the board. That’s just how we do things.”

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Proud to Be a One-Stop Shop With Customized Solution.

Design. Engineering. Manufacturing. Shipping. We do it all in-house. Why? Because that’s the best way to ensure our customers that they’re going to get exactly what they need.

We offer engineering support that works with your team to design the right product. We manufacture using our own custom equipment. You get the parts designed specifically for your exact needs. It’s how we make sure you get the quality you deserve. We’ll put our name behind it.

Global Manufacturing for Unparalleled Market Support

At Rotor Clip, we understand the importance of being there for our customers no matter where they are. With strategically located manufacturing facilities in both the United States (covering an expansive 250K ft²) and Europe, coupled with our global engineering, customer service, technical sales and warehouse network, we are equipped to serve you on a global scale. Our state-of-the-art 125K ft² manufacturing facility in the Czech Republic plays a vital role in providing essential support to our European customers and beyond, streamlining supply chain and ensuring local stock availability. Our global presence means that you can rely on Rotor Clip as your partner, wherever you are.

A History of Finding Solutions for Your Industry

You don’t want a supplier with a steep learning curve. You need a partner who understands your needs. Check our our specialized experience and certifications in your field. We have specified and/or designed products into nearly every industry and environment.

Around the Globe, Rotor Clip Leads The Way

With manufacturing centers in the US, Europe, and Asia, we reach around the world. No matter where you work, we’ll work alongside you.

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Team Driven Effort. Team Driven Solutions. The True Customer Choice.

Our customers have important work. They’re manufacturing and building things we use every day. They’re building important medical devices, cleaner cars, life saving medical equipment and the technology that is changing the future. That’s why they get an entire team behind them.

From engineering to design, from manufacturing to implementation, from sales to support, we’re on your side. We’re committed to your success. You get the total engineering support to create the most effective solution.

Committed to a Cleaner World

We’re helping out partners solve today’s environmental challenges, and setting new standards in our own work. Explore our commitment to environmentalism.