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Wire Production

Rotor Clip expertise and in-house wire production help meet your material and quality needs.

When determining the right fastening product for your application, be sure you partner with a company that has significant expertise in producing wire. Rotor Clip shapes and anneals much of its own wire from base stock — including stainless steel wire — yielding more than 4,500 tons of wire from raw materials per year.

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Process control from the very first step.

Because Rotor Clip produces so much wire in house, we can continually control and refine our processes to ensure a steady flow of material types and sizes with the mechanical properties customers seek, including hard-to-find, application-specific metals and alloys. This combination of in-house production capabilities, process control and metallurgical expertise lets us react quickly to meet your wire material requirements, perfect your prototype and identify the best opportunities to enhance product quality.

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  • Rotor Clip produces much of its wire in house, giving us greater process control and material availability so we can provide faster turnaround times.
  • In-house wire production, heat treatment, packaging and finishing creates a vertically integrated process that ensures quality and efficiency.
  • Rotor Clip can design, prototype and fulfill small-quantity requirements quickly and effectively.
  • Coiled flat wire products do not require additional tooling costs.
  • Rotor Clip houses a fully staffed machine shop inside its 238,000-square foot U.S. manufacturing facility.
  • Our wire forming machinery, engineered to our exacting standards, is efficient, eliminates waste and keeps costs low.
  • Laser-based machine vision systems measure and monitor wire production processes.


  • An extensive quality policy focuses on meeting and exceeding customer expectations.
  • Rotor Clip maintains an on-site test laboratory. Expert personnel carefully monitor each step of the manufacturing process.
  • All incoming steel receives careful multi-point inspection.
  • Production lots are traceable from raw material acquisition to shipment, including inspection records.
  • Frequent manual inspections keep tight statistical control on all the rolling and coiling processes.
  • Rotor Clip uses laser-based machine vision technology to measure wire and detect variations from coil to coil.

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