An image featuring a bulk quantity of single-turn wave springs by Rotor Clip, demonstrating their compact design and suitability for various industrial applications, providing reliable compression and deflection properties for efficient assembly and operation

Single-Turn Wave Springs

Ideal for short deflection applications with low to medium forces

Single-turn wave springs are appropriate for a range of light to heavy duty applications

Single-Turn Wave Springs are ideal applications with low to high thrust loads depending on design and wire type. Designed for a range of bore and rod diameters, single-turn wave springs can act as alternative to disc springs and are particularly suited to fit narrow radial wall dimensions and low clearances or to accommodate ball or roller bearings.

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An array of single-turn wave springs, arranged neatly to showcase their uniformity and precision engineering. These springs offer consistent compression and deflection properties, ideal for a wide range of industrial applications requiring reliable performance and compact design

Technical Advantages

  • Offer a cling in bore option in which the spring is fixed and centered by itself
  • Accurate spring rate and loads toleranced more than 50% tighter than stamped wave washers or disc springs
  • Unlike stamped parts, wave springs generate minimal material waste

Ideal for short deflection applications with low to medium forces. Offered in a number of waves and material thicknesses. Designed for a wide range of bore and rod diameters.

NST – SINGLE-Turn Narrow

Appropriate where radial space is limited, these wave springs are specified for several standard bearing diameters.


Designed to match popular bearing sizes, it lightly clings in the bore to maximize contact with the outer race of the bearing. Designed to prolong bearing life, reducing vibration and noise.


Ideal for use in high load, high rate, low deflection, static, or low cycling applications. Cost effective alternative to disc springs.

End Types

An illustration of a single-turn wave spring with overlapping ends, showcasing its innovative design for secure fastening and enhanced stability in mechanical assemblies. This configuration ensures reliable compression and deflection properties, suitable for various industrial applications


Overlap single-turn wave spring ends come together with one end overlapping the other. The result of this end-type offers no digging while mating with the surface and eliminates parts being tangled in bulk packaging arrangements.

gap type wave spring end configuration


Gap-type wave springs have a physical gap between the ends. Rotor Clip are able to control the distance of the gap, as there may be components that need to clear it.

An image highlighting the patented flat end design of a wave spring by Rotor Clip, showcasing its unique configuration for optimized load distribution and enhanced performance in mechanical applications. This design ensures precise alignment and secure fastening, contributing to improved reliability and longevity

Patented Flat Ends

Our patented flat-end wave spring design protects bearings by eliminating sharp, damaging corners from the spring ends, instead flattening them so they rest smoothly against the mating assembly.

Application Examples

Single-turn wave springs can be found in applications across every industry. Here are some examples.

More wave spring application examples

Rendered illustration demonstrating the application of a single-turn wave spring for bearing preload. This configuration showcases the spring's role in maintaining optimal tension on bearings, ensuring smooth operation and reduced play for enhanced performance in mechanical systems

Bearing Preload with Single-Turn Wave Spring

An illustration featuring an ultrasonic motor integrated with a wave spring, highlighting its role in providing precise tension control and stabilization within the motor assembly. This configuration contributes to smooth and efficient operation, particularly in high-precision applications requiring minimal vibration and noise

Ultrasonic Motor with Single-Turn Wave Spring

An illustration depicting a quick connector equipped with a single-turn wave spring, showcasing its efficient and reliable locking mechanism for secure connections. The wave spring ensures consistent compression, facilitating easy attachment and detachment while maintaining a tight seal for fluid or gas transfer applications

Quick Connector with Single-Turn Wave Spring

An illustration featuring an exhaust sensor equipped with both a wave spring and a spiral ring, showcasing their combined role in ensuring precise positioning and secure attachment within the exhaust system. This configuration provides stability and reliability, facilitating accurate sensor readings for optimal engine performance

Exhaust Sensor with Single-Turn Wave Spring with Patented Flat Ends

An illustration depicting a steering assembly integrated with a wave spring, highlighting its contribution to smooth and responsive steering operation. The wave spring provides controlled resistance and stability, enhancing driver confidence and vehicle handling in various road conditions

Steering Assembly with Single-Turn Wave Spring

An illustration of a pump featuring a single-turn wave spring, demonstrating its application in providing consistent pressure and flow control. The wave spring ensures efficient pump operation, contributing to reliable performance and longevity in various fluid handling systems

Pump with Single-Turn Wave Spring

Rotor Clip Single-Turn Wave Springs

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