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Retaining Rings and Wave Springs for the Medical Industry

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High-Performing Parts for High Stake Applications

Our parts are as precise as the next surgery. Every part, from the biggest to the smallest, has to perform exactly as designed.

That’s why the medical industry counts on the dependable, precise, and traceable solutions Rotor Clip provides. We’re proud to be the leading a global manufacturer of retaining rings, spiral rings, and wave springs for the medical industry.

We’ve been there. We’ve worked with engineers like you. Helping you operate at your best is our mission.

Medial Device Application: Disposable, Injectable

ISO 13485 Certified to Manufacture for the Medical Industry

All our products are manufactured in accordance with the relevant standards. Our commitment to them is at the heart of our mission.

All our products are manufactured in accordance with the relevant standards. Our commitment to them is at the heart of our mission. Rotor Clip is certified and registered to ISO 13485ISO 9001ISO 14001, IATF 16949AS9100.

Small Diameter Wave Springs

The Parts You Need to Build For Any Environment

While some medical applications fall short when exposed to corrosive environments, Rotor Clip provides material options that can stand the test of time such as:

  • 302 Stainless Steel
  • 316 Stainless Steel
  • PH 15-7 Mo Stainless Steel
  • 17-7 Stainless Steel

From small implantables, to surgical tools and instruments, disposables and more, rings can be manufactured from .040”  to 47″ (1 mm to 1200 mm), while wave springs range from .118” to 24″ (3 mm to 610 mm).

Rotor Clip’s knowledgeable engineers will support you from prototype to production, ensuring you get the right part for the right application.

A Partnership From Whiteboard to Waiting Room

Some projects require retaining rings and wave springs that have been used before. Others are unique and need to be custom made. No matter what, you have to make sure you have the right ones in your medical equipment. There’s a lot riding on it.

That’s why our medical engineer experts can be with you from Day 1. We help you identify what is needed and find the best solutions to complicated problems.

If the solution doesn’t yet exist? We’ll make it. Our one-stop shop allows us to customize, design, and build, with no interference.

It’s how we’re more than parts. We’re a true partnership.

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Medical Industry Retaining Rings and Wave Springs that you can depend on.

We ensure you have the highest performing parts for for strength, precision and traceability, across a variety of medical applications.


Vertically integrated manufacturing processes allows for a high level of quality control starting with the raw material, over tool design and production, manufacturing equipment and processes, to the finished product.


State of the art measuring instruments on production floors and in-house metrology labs ensure the continuous production of precision parts with tight tolerances for our customers.


Everything we supply may be traced back to the production lot, the material and processes used in its production.


From beds to monitoring equipment and prostheses, our products are used in a variety of medical instruments, equipment, and implants.


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