Nested Wave Springs

Nested Wave Springs

Ideal for high loads, versatile for extreme applications

High load, low profile springs

Coiled in parallel, nested wave springs are a continuous coil of layers that produces a wave springs with higher load performance. As the number of turns increases, the loads and spring rates multiply. Nested springs are often specified in applications that require higher static load bearing applications when minimal space is available.

Nested Wave Spring

Customizable for specific application requirements.

  • Increased # turns, increases spring rate
  • Increased # of waves, increases spring rate
  • Nearly unlimited load capabilities
  • Specialty alloys available for extreme environments (Inconel, Elgiloy, A286 and more)

Often an alternative for a single belleville or small belleville stack, these springs can produce a more accurate, repeatable force, while simplifying assembly. Rotor Clip’s wide selection of material sizes and alloys, allow for the scalable production of standard and custom springs.

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