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Nested Wave Springs

Ideal for high loads, versatile for extreme applications

High Load, Low Profile Wave Springs

Nested Wave Springs are coiled in parallel to form a continuous coil of layers, significantly enhancing load performance. These advanced Wave Springs multiply loads and spring rates as the number of turns increases, making them ideal for high static load applications in minimal spaces. Often an alternative to a single Belleville or small Belleville stack, Nested Wave Springs produce a more accurate, repeatable force while simplifying assembly.

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Advantages of Nested Wave Springs:

  • Has ability to provide significantly more force than Single-Turns Wave Springs. 
  • Eliminates misalignment and uneven loading issues. 
  • Occupies less radial space than traditional disc springs. 
  • Single-part solution eliminates the need for stacking, reducing cost and simplifying assembly lines.
  • Reliable under high-load conditions. 
  • Provides more load with the same travel compared to Single-Turn Wave Springs. 

Custom Nested Wave Springs for Every Application:

If our standard Nested Wave Springs don’t meet your application requirements, Rotor Clip’s expert engineering team will work with you from prototype to production to create a custom solution. Count on us to provide you with Application Driven Solutions®, engineering the perfect part for your application, every time. 

  • Increased # of turns, increases spring rate
  • Increased # of waves, increases spring rate
  • Nearly unlimited load capabilities
  • Specialty alloys available for extreme environments (Inconel, Elgiloy, A286 and more)

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belleville washer vs rotor clip nested wave spring

Replace Bellevilles/Disc Springs With Rotor Clip Nested Wave Springs

Nested wave springs are often an alternative to single Belleville washers/disc springs and small Belleville stacks. As a single component, these wave springs remove the need to manually stack individual washers for increase loads. This results in a more consistent and reliable force, while simplifying the assembly process and reducing the potential for installation errors.

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Nested Wave Spring Materials & Finishes

Rotor Clip offers a comprehensive range of material grades and finishes tailored to specific industries and environments, ensuring maximum reliability and performance. Benefit from our team’s metallurgical expertise as we guide you through selecting the ideal materials and finishes for your needs.

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  • Carbon steel (standard)
  • 17-7 Stainless Steel (standard)
  • Special Material Grades:
    • Stainless – AISI 302
    • Stainless – AISI 316
    • Stainless – A286
    • Inconel® X-750
    • Elgiloy®
    • Hastelloy® C276
    • Beryllium-copper
    • Phosphor-bronze


  • Carbon steel – oil dip
  • Stainless – vapor degreased and ultrasonic cleaned
  • Stainless – passivation
  • Vibratory deburr

Nested Wave Spring Application Examples

Nested Wave Springs can be found in high-load applications across nearly every industry, such as aerospace, automotive, oil and gas, and more. Here are some examples.

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Bearing Preload with Nested Wave Spring

Bearing Preload with Nested Wave Spring

Ball valve application with nested wave spring

Ball Valve with Nested Wave Spring


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