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Your Products. Our Passion.

Your customers demand quality. You demand consistency from all your parts — even the ones the end users never think about. Our work is creating the most consistent and reliable rings, springs, and clamps. We create products you can count on. How do we do it?

With over 20,000 standard parts, we specialize in engineering the right part, for the right application every time whether it is a standard or custom. At Rotor Clip, we are focused on providing Application Driven Solutions®, our team of engineers works with you to determine the best product, material, and finish for your application.

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Engineering Expertise

Our team understands the needs of manufacturers, and understands your end goals. You’ll get exactly what you need.

One Stop Shop Model 75x75

A One-Stop-Shop Model

Our integrated model allows us to control the entire manufacturing process, making sure we always have what you need when you need it.

Custom Solutions 75x75

Custom Solutions

If the part doesn’t exist, we’ll design it. We drive total engineering support to give you the easiest solution.

How We Make It

Our total vertical integration allows for a very high level of quality control, process optimization, and innovation when it comes to manufacturing our parts.

Rotor Clip Vertical Integration

Our goal here at Rotor Clip is to continuously produce and deliver high quality, precision parts with tight tolerances that our customers can count on. In order to meet this goal, Rotor Clip has taken every critical production step and support process in-house. This total vertical integration allows for a very high level of quality control, process optimization, and innovation in manufacturing retaining rings, wave springs, and hose clamps. By keeping all critical production steps and support processes in-house, we’re able to improve lead time management and quickly react to changing market demands. Trust Rotor Clip for high-quality, reliable parts that meet your exact specifications.

Manufacturing Capabilities

A History of Finding Solutions for Your Industry

You don’t want a supplier with a steep learning curve. You need a partner who understands your needs. Check our specialized experience and certifications in your field. We have specified and/or designed products into nearly every industry and environment.

Trending Now: Balanced Rings in EV Motors

balanced retaining ring in an ev motor close up

Advantages of Balanced Tapered Section Retaining Rings in EV Motors

Rotor Clip manufacturers all styles of rings, however balanced tapered section retaining rings are a cost-effective option for high-speed applications which require a low balance/noise in the assembly.

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Learn more about why Rotor Clip is the global leader in the manufacture of retaining rings, wave springs & hose clamps.

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More than Parts. A True Partnership.

Our passion is building the best rings, springs, and clamps. Our mission is to make your work a success. Let’s make it happen.