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fishing reel application with wave spring

Wave Springs over Coil Springs: How They Affect Fishing Reels

3D Render of Multi-Turn Wave Spring in Spinner Reel Application

Fishing Reel utilizing a Multi-Turn Wave Spring

In certain applications, wave springs are an excellent alternative to coil springs. Wave springs have the ability to take up 50% less axial space than conventional coil springs, but still provide the same force and deflection required for the application.
The space saving attribute of the wave spring allows the application to become lighter by using less material and eliminating unnecessary space and excess material.

3D Render of wave spring vs traditional coil spring

Rotor Clip Wave Spring vs Traditional Coil Spring

Lastly, wave springs have precise load deflection over coil springs. This load deflection allows the wave spring to have a consistent spring rate and load progression over the targeted compression range. For fishing enthusiasts who are particular about their reels, having a consistent and targetable spring force allows the reel to function more smoothly and eliminate drag.

In a reel drag adjustment assembly, coil spring loads start out linear then planes up at the end of the drag curve, meaning a fisherman can’t use the last 30% of their drag adjustments.
With a wave spring the fisherman has a more linear drag curve when turning the drag knob. They are able to use all the drag necessary to reel in their big catch. Using the wave spring over a coil spring allows for a smoother drag which is important for catching large fish or fish that might be in a marsh, or under a dock.

In addition, the weight savings present in a reel using wave springs compared to typical coil spring permits the fisherman to cast longer without experiencing fatigue.

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