Spiral Retaining Rings BUlk

Packaging Options for Spiral Retaining Rings

Packaging Options for Spiral Retaining Rings

Our packaging options are designed to simplify installation, reduce sorting and to help keep your parts well-organized. Innovative Rotor Clip packaging means you can process parts efficiently and enhance productivity at your facility. Rotor Clip gladly helps accommodate various installation needs packaging options to suit manual or automated machinery or help meet specific quality goals.


The parts are packed in varying size boxes or bags depending upon the size of the part. If a part is ordered bulk, there is no code listed after the finish. For example, HO-25ST PA indicates that the part is to be shipped bulk.

Packaging Code: None

Shrink wrapped retaining rings

Shrink Wrapping

Rings are shrink wrapped, which is particularly useful on Phosphate and Oil (PD) or other oiled parts to which tape will not stick.

Packaging Code: RO1

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