Rotor Clip: Empowering Students through Support and Collaboration

rotor clip supporting engineering students at rutgers

At Rotor Clip, we are dedicated to supporting future engineers through innovative solutions and practical experience. As a manufacturing company deeply embedded in the engineering landscape, we recognize the invaluable role of practical experience and hands-on learning. By providing students access to our high-quality parts and engineering expertise, we aim to inspire their creativity, encourage innovation, and contribute to a brighter future in engineering and beyond.  

Free Samples 

Rotor Clip actively supports students by providing free samples of our retaining rings, wave springs, and hose clamps. We aim to facilitate the exploration of various design possibilities and the troubleshooting of challenges, which are essential for academic and professional growth. Request your free samples now.

rotor clip samples bag


Free Resources and Materials 

In addition to free samples, Rotor Clip offers a vast range of educational resources to all students. From informative whitepapers and insightful blogs to interactive webinars and comprehensive FAQs, we are committed to equipping students with the knowledge they need to excel in their engineering studies. Additionally, Rotor Clip provides free CAD models of our products, allowing students to incorporate them seamlessly into their design projects. All these resources are easily accessible for download at For those who prefer physical copies or have specific requests, our team is readily available to assist you. 

Factory Tours 

Rotor Clip talks not just global, but local with sponsorships of university racing teams. As a sponsor of the local Rutgers Formula Racing team, we  invited their students to explore them through an in-depth factory tour. Led by our knowledgeable team, these students received a firsthand look at our manufacturing processes and operations, gaining a comprehensive understanding of our production journey, from raw materials to finished parts. The tour provide an excellent opportunity to ask questions, gain insights, and enhance understanding of the manufacturing industry.  With operations globally, we have sponsored other teams where we have local support available, in addition to providing nearly any student group samples globally. 

rotor clip with rutgers engineering students

Engineering Support & Free On-Site Training 

Rotor Clip partners with students to provide the engineering support they need. We offer complete assistance, from helping you find the right parts to providing expert guidance and technical support. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that you have access to the resources necessary for your engineering projects. Whether you need help selecting the appropriate ring, spring, or clamp, integrating it into your design, or troubleshooting issues, we’re here for you from start to finish. 

Additionally, we offer free on-site product training to further enhance your understanding and application of our products. This hands-on training ensures that you are well-equipped to use our parts effectively in your projects. Connect with our expert engineering team today. 

Trust Rotor Clip and our expertise and dedication to providing high-quality parts and valuable resources. Whether you’re looking for samples, technical support, or educational materials, Rotor Clip is here to assist you every step of the way. 


More than Parts. A True Partnership.

Our passion is creating the best rings, springs, and clamps. Our mission is to make your work a success. We are here for you.