Bearing Pre-Load

Bearing Pre-Load

Bearing Pre-Load

What: Applying permanent thrust load to the bearing so that it is securely installed and has no axial clearance.
Why: The bearing preload process eliminates unwanted clearances, creates high stiffness, and reduces noise and vibration which increases bearing and application life.
How: Rotor Clip offers three different solutions to pre-load bearings and eliminate axial clearance. 
  • Wave Springs
  • Bowed Retaining Rings
  • Beveled Retaining Rings

Truwave Wave Springs – MST Series (with Gap or Overlapping Ends)


  • Overhead assembly possible, since the wave spring can lightly grip the inside of the bearing bore.
  • Can be installed automatically via a tapered mandrel similar to the automatic installation of retaining rings.
  • Even load / force with small tolerances due to even, sinusoidal waves in the spring design.
  • No radial jamming, since spring ends are able to overlap and do not push against one another.
  • No tooling cost for special sizes.
  • Self-centering in bearing bore.
  • Resilient Pre-Load.

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Bowed Retaining Rings – BSH (External) & BHO (Internal)


  • Compensating for accumulated tolerances is what “Bowed” retaining rings are designed to do on a shaft or in a housing.
  • Once snapped into the groove, bowed rings exert a force or a “preload” on the retained parts for the range specified in the catalog.
  • Resilient Pre-Load.

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Beveled Retaining Rings – VSH (External) & VHO (Internal)


  • These rings have a 15° angle on the outer edge.
  • Combined with a complementary groove angle to eliminate endplay by wedging itself between the groove and the retained part.
  • Rigid Bearing Retention.

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