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Rotor Clip – Czech Republic

Rotor Clip s.r.o.

In 2011, Rotor Clip expanded its operations by acquiring Segnor, a prominent Czech manufacturer specializing in large diameter retaining rings. Rotor Clip made significant investments in a cutting-edge 125,000 square foot (11,600 square meter) manufacturing facility located in the Czech Republic. This facility plays a crucial role in delivering essential products and support to our European customers and beyond, optimizing our supply chain, and ensuring local stock availability.

Our highly skilled Czech-based manufacturing and engineering team currently produces the same high-quality retaining rings, circlips/snap rings, and wave springs that are manufactured at our headquarters in the United States.

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Serving customers in nearly every industry, from automotive to aerospace, medical devices to oil and gas / renewable energy, requires maintaining the highest quality, cleanliness and production range capabilities in the industry. With a firm understanding of the the European marketplaces unique requirements, Rotor Clips’ added investment in our manufacturing operations allow for:

  • Cleanliness requirements: Ultrasonic parts washing capable of meeting any cleanliness requirements
  • Prototyping & Small Volume: IPG production lasers to manufacture prototypes and small volumes

What We Do Here


Czech Republic is home to our European manufacturing facility that supports our global presence in manufacturing circlips, wave springs and hose clamps. This hub houses an array of processes such as state-of-the-art coiling machines, double-disc grinding, ultrasonic cleaning and where we manufacture our biggest circlips in sizes up to 1400mm.


Our CZ warehouse is stocked full of circlips, snap rings, spiral rings, wave springs and hose clamps in a variety of materials. With an array of products stocked and ready to be shipped, this strategically placed location ensure that your products can be delivered efficiently across Europe and beyond.


Having local engineering support means that we are ready to serve you, when you require it. Our expert CZ engineering team is ready to assist with custom requests, guiding you to selecting the right part for your application, and a wealth of other comprehensive engineering and technical support!

Customer Service

Our CZ based customer service team provides localized support tailored to your needs. Our swift and responsive approach ensures that your enquiries are promptly addressed and efficiently resolved. We strive to provide you with seamless and exceptional customer service, wherever you are.

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Rotor Clip s.r.o.

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Quality & Certifications

Our facility in the Czech Republic is certified to the following quality standards in addition to compliance to VDA requirements.

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