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Quick Connect

Flat wire wave springs are used in a variety of quick connector / circular plug-in connectors with threaded and bayonet locking for military, aerospace and industrial applications.




 Centrifugal Pump

A TruWave single turn wave spring with overlapping ends balances possible axial play in a filter element of this centrifugal pump used to reclaim process fluids before discharging into a river.




Bearing Retention

Applications requiring a bearing pre-load can utilize a multi-turn wave spring to accomplish the task. A spiral retaining ring holds the entire assembly in place in lieu of a costly cover plate.




Fluid Power Assemblies

A retaining ring fixes the cover element and eliminates to weld or screw down the components, making the assembly easy to repair/service in the field. The wave spring between one cover element and the inner tube pre-loads the inner components against each other eliminating axial play.




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