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-STATIC: This type of application implies that a spring never really moves once it is installed. This type of spring generally holds a load at a given height for the life of the assembly - There is no cycling of the part.

-DYNAMIC: This type of application indicates that a spring will constantly be moving up and down until the end of its life. This type of wave spring has 2 working heights, and hence, 2 loads. Fatigue is critical in this type of spring. Generally, the higher the cycle life, the stronger the spring needs to be.



- The effect in springs where there is a higher response force during compression (loading) and a lower response force during relaxation (unloading.)


- Free Height: The height of the wave spring when uncompressed.

-Work Height: The height the spring is compressed to for delivering the desired force.







-Pilot Bore: Designed to fit in a bore, and have excess clearance by the shaft.

-Pilot Shaft: Designed to fit over a shaft, and have excess clearance by the bore.



LOAD: The force the wave spring exerts when compressed. Load requirement can be stated 3 ways:

A load requirement at a specific working height.
The minimum load requirement at one working height and a maximum load requirement at another working height.
The specified spring rate between the minimum and maximum working heights.

SPRING RATE: The force per displacement (lbs./in. or Newtons/mm.) More accurate than stamped wave washers.

DEFLECTION: How much the spring compresses.


DIAMETER EXPANSION: A wave spring will want to open outward during compression. This outward movement will increase the diameter.

FATIGUE: All springs suffer fatigue, the weakening or failure of a material resulting from prolonged stress. This can be compensated for with optimal materials and sizing.



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