Retaining Ring Pliers

Pliers for every kind of job

Every job is different. That’s why we offer a full lineup of pliers to use with our retaining rings.

Our pliers feature high quality construction, multiple handles, and a choice of styles that users can adjust with each application to orient any size retaining ring to any size lug with precision. This plier family includes ratchet, convertible and heavy-duty versions along with a cost-effective standard model.

To find the retaining ring pliers that best suit your ring and application, select and download the spec sheets below.

retaining ring pliers

Standard Retaining Ring Pliers — Inch and Metric

High quality construction and stop-and-return springs that orient the pliers to the exact lug holes mean problem-free installation and removal. These pliers suit every situation: standard, 45 and 90 degree tips.

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rachet pliers

Ratchet Retaining Ring Pliers

Assemble retaining rings up to 10 inches in diameter with ease and comfort. Spring-loaded mechanisms gradually compress or expand large rings, locking at the desired size without continued pressure on the handles. Available with standard, 45 and 90 degree tips.

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grip ring pliers

Grip Ring Retaining Ring Pliers

Designed for SHF and DSF external (shaft) friction rings, these steel pliers feature non-slip and solid tips, with non-slip plastic-coated handles.

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Convertible Retaining Ring Pliers

Convert from internal to external pliers and back again! These cost-effective, two-in-one pliers can handle a variety of applications with a minimum number of tools. Standard, 45 and 90 degree tips are available.

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heavy duty pliers

Heavy-Duty Retaining Ring Pliers

These internal and external steel pliers can perform up to 10 times longer than standard retaining ring pliers. They feature non-slip and solid tips, with non-slip plastic-coated handles. Also available in 90 degree plier tips.

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Technical Advantages

  • Inch and metric standard retaining ring pliers are made of high carbon, heat-treated steel.
  • Standard pliers feature a stop-and-return-spring for problem-free installation and removal.
  • Most retaining ring pliers have exclusive air-cushioned handles.
  • Pliers are offered with non-slip and solid tips, and handles feature non-slip plastic coating.


  • Pliers are offered in stop-and-return-spring, ratchet or convertible versions, as well as a heavy-duty model.
  • Pliers can fit sizes from ⅜ to 4 inches in diameter to satisfy most everyday MRO requirements, and a ratchet version accommodates rings as large as 10 inches in diameter.
  • Plier configurations include straight, 45° and 90° tips.
  • When used with internal rings, inch and metric pliers will position to the exact location of lug holes for fast assembly and removal.

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