5 Retaining Ring Solutions To Frequent Application Design Challenges

Retaining rings can help simplify application designs and be a solution for cost and weight reduction goals. But how does the design engineer choose the right retaining from the large number of different styles and shapes that are available to him or her? No one retaining ring style is “better” than another. Rather the parameters of the application determine which retaining ring style is best suited for the given design challenge. Frequent application design challenges encountered are:

  • Rotational Speeds (RPMs) – 6:08
  • Operating Temperatures and Corrosive environments – 9:53
  • Loads – 21:10
  • Clearances – 34:30
  • Axial Endplay – 36:54
  • About Rotor Clip – 44:00

    The webinar addresses these design challenges and the best suited retaining ring solutions that overcome them.