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Part Data

  • Housing or Shaft Shaft
  • Axial or Radial axial
  • Product Type Retaining Ring
  • Product Description Singleturn
  • Product Group Spiral Retaining Ring
  • Axial Or Radial Assembly Axial
  • Internal Or External External
  • Inch Or Metric Metric
  • ST - Carbon Steel (Sae 1060-1090) Yes
  • SS - Stainless Steel (Ph15-7 Mo, Ph17-7) No
  • SG - Stainless Steel Din 1.4122 No
  • BC - Beryllium Copper Available Option
  • PB - Phosphor Bronze No
  • SQ - Stainless Steel (17-7 Ph/C) No
  • SJ - Stainless Steel Aisi 302 Yes
  • SU - Stainless Steel Aisi 316 Yes
  • Special Material Grades Available Option
  • PD - Phosphate And Oil No
  • PA - Phosphate Coating No
  • PAL - Phosphate With Sealer No
  • HPD - Heavy Phosphate And Oil No
  • ZD - Zinc Dichromate No
  • Z3X - Trivalent Chromate Over Zinc No
  • ZF - Zinc Bright No
  • ZDL - Zinc Dichromate With Sealer No
  • HZDL - Heavy Zinc Dichromate With Sealer No
  • ZFF - Zinc Flash No
  • CF - Copper Flash No
  • Oil - Oil Over Steel Yes
  • G - Green No
  • R - Red No
  • PAG - Phosphate With Green Paint No
  • PAR - Phosphate With Red Paint No
  • PAD - Phosphate With Olive Drab No
  • FS - Magni 511 (Silver) No
  • FK - Magni 511 (Black) No
  • CS - Magni 565 (Silver) No
  • CK - Magni 565 (Black) No
  • ETM - Vibratory Deburr No
  • Vapor Degreased & Ultrasonic Cleaned (Stainless Fi No
  • SPP - Passivate No


  • Carbon Steel (SAE 1060-1090)
  • Beryllium Copper
  • Special Material Grades
  • Stainless Steel AISI 302
  • Stainless Steel AISI 316


***For plated rings, add .002" (.05 mm) to the listed maximum thickness.

  • OIL - Oil over Steel, Carbon Steel



External, Heavy Duty, Metric. These rings are ideal for applications with high thrust loads and are designed to fit into a groove established by DIN specifications.

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