White Paper: the Best Springs You Haven’t Tried Yet

White Paper: the Best Springs You Haven’t Tried Yet

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White Paper: The Best Springs You Haven’t Tried Yet
Flat wire wave springs offer the best balance of size and spring force. Here’s what you need to know to design with these high-performance alternatives to traditional springs.

Spinning Fishing Reel Utilizing A Wave Spring

The spinning reel is often thought of as a great reel that casts effortlessly from either a boat or the shore.  These spinning reels were limited by the drag (resistance) that they could produce and in the past were seen as strictly an inshore reel.

That was until the industry introduced the next iteration of the spinning reel.  This new supper spinning reels use in excess of twenty ball bearings, space age material for corrosion resistance and weight reduction and spring loaded drags. 

Due to the limited space a traditional coil spring could not be used.  The industry turned to a highly engineered product called a wave spring, which offers up to 50% of space savings in axial directionThese springs are custom made and engineered to precision tolerances. 

This translates into precise incremental drag adjustments. The tighter a fisherman sets the drag, the more resistance. However, drag that is too tight may result in the line breaking. Fishermen adjust their drags accordingly. Overall the spring helps to keep the drag feeling smooth throughout the range as it does not have a solid stack height.

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