Top 10 Things an Engineer Looks for in a Retaining Ring Supplier

Detailed 3D render of a high-quality external retaining ring, also known as a snap ring or circlip, designed for secure axial positioning on a shaft

Top 10 things an engineer looks for in a retaining ring supplier

Here are ten things that an engineer might consider when evaluating a retaining ring source:

1. Quality

Engineers look for a supplier who can provide high-quality retaining rings that are designed to last, meeting industry quality standards and made from high-strength and durable materials. The supplier needs to manufacture parts to the highest quality standards to best serve their application needs. Rotor Clip has a long history of earning customer trust by manufacturing only the highest quality parts. This reputation is backed up with international quality certifications, in-house laboratory testing, as well as continuous improvements that ensure the highest quality retaining rings.

2. Variety

Every application is different, so that means having a retaining ring that meets specific application requirements, whether that’s size, thickness, custom end-types or materials to suit certain environments. Having a supplier that offers a broad selection of products is essential to ensure the optimal part. Rotor Clip is the only manufacturer of every retaining ring style on the market, meaning we don’t offer a one-size-fits-all solution. We ensure you have the right part for the right application, whether standard or custom.

3. Technical Support

Engineers may require technical expertise to determine the correct size, material, and design of the retaining ring required for their project. So, a supplier that offers knowledgeable technical support is highly valued. If you need assistance with selecting the right part, our metallurgical, design and technical sales engineers are there to be available to support retaining ring selection at any point in the purchasing journey. From prototype through to production we can assist in the manner you choose, whether that’s web conferencing, face-to-face or via phone or email.

4. Price

Cost is a crucial factor for any engineering project, so an engineer will seek a supplier that provides competitive pricing without compromising quality. Rotor Clip is a vertically integrated manufacturer, which means all our processes are in house, from material rolling all the way through to production. With no reliance on 3rd parties, we maintain tight control on costs, allowing you to maintain your bottom line.

5. Availability

Timelines are an important part of any project, and as such a supplier should have the products available when needed. With thousands of stocked parts on the shelf, Rotor Clip can provide parts when needed. If one of our thousands of stocked standard retaining rings doesn’t suit your application, we have custom solutions available. As well as a huge material inventory readily available, we are ready to supply you with the right part for your application, every time.

6. Local Support

Having a supplier with multiple global locations can result in improved overall supply chain efficiency. With manufacturing in the United States and Europe, as well as warehousing and sales and engineering locations located strategically across the globe, Rotor Clip is positioned to support you wherever you are.

7. Delivery Times

The supplier’s delivery time must be reasonable to match the engineer’s project schedule. Rotor Clip’s vertical integration also means that with in-house processes and no reliance on 3rd parties, we control our own lead times ensuring they suit the customers requirements and deadlines.

8. Order Quantities

Some projects may require a large number of retaining rings, so the supplier must have the capability to handle bulk orders. As the sole manufacturer of every style of retaining ring, and our vertically integrated manufacturing process, we control our own processes, meaning we work with you to ensure a production schedule matches your needs, from prototype through to final production.

9. Compatibility

Engineers want to ensure that the retaining ring should be compatible with the chosen assembly or component without causing any damage or degradation. Rotor Clip offer custom options that ensure damage to the housing or shaft is never an issue. Whether it’s a custom end type, or custom packaging option, our team can recommend the right retaining ring solution.

10. Environmental Sustainability

Engineers who value environmental sustainability will look for suppliers who have a green and eco-friendly approach to manufacturing and sourcing materials. At Rotor Clip, we have understand and embrace our obligation to protect and preserve the environment and communities that surround our facilities. We take pride in our in-house water treatment, state of the art air processing and filtration equipment, we’re committed to reducing our footprint.

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