Take 5-Minutes With A Rotor Clip Engineer

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Take 5-Minutes With A Rotor Clip Engineer

When your design calls for a spring, traditional coil or disc springs probably come to mind. But in many cases, the routine choice may not be your best choice. After all, requirements like force handling, work heights, travel distances and avoiding wear and tear must be met, all in a small amount of space. Rotor Clip produces a full line of multi-turn and single-turn wave springs that are made from coiled flat wire with waves added to give them a spring effect. In certain applications, they offer distinct advantages over traditional springs, such as saving space by up to 50 percent in the axial direction.

When it comes to sourcing spring components, think of your next project as a toolbox. In your toolbox you have a variety of tools, but which one will you select for the right job? The same concept can be applied to what kind of wave springs will be the best fit for your design. Our general rule of thumb is that just a 5-minute consultation with a Rotor Clip engineer can save you weeks down the road on your design needs. We always talk about this with our customers, as the earlier we can get involved with their design process, the more helpful we can be.

Rotor Clip has a skilled engineering team, including metallurgists with extensive experience of designing our products into applications across nearly every industry. We know that once you have everything designed you typically have a certain box you must fit something in. As a result, those constraints can be difficult, so if we know of what you are trying to achieve within the application, such as by needing a certain load and travel initially is a more efficient approach.

This is why it is beneficial for everyone to get involved on the earlier side and educating the customer of what is useful for each application. Your toolbox will have not just one screwdriver, but a variety of screwdrivers for different uses. This same concept is applied to wave springs, in which there is optimal uses for all three types. Multi-Turn Wave Springs gives you more travel, but in a smaller space with more precise loads, while Single-Turn Wave Springs are optimal for preloads on bearings. Additionally Nested Wave Springs, which are multi-turn wave springs with each turn coiled in parallel, provide a higher preload, as this configuration can generate multiple times the spring force of our standard wave spring options.

Along with finding the right fit for your application, our metallurgist experts can also assist with the material selection process. Whether you are designing for a corrosive environment, high or cryogenic temperatures, need non-magnetism, or looking for the most economical solution, Rotor Clip has you covered.

Rotor Clip provides on-demand engineering support services designed around your needs! We can deliver engineering support directly to you in the manner you choose – live web conferencing, face-to-face at your location or via phone. Whichever method you choose, you’ll get detailed answers to engineering questions directly from the experts. Got 5 minutes? Schedule a call today. Contact

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