“Steering in the Right Direction”

“Steering in the Right Direction”

“Steering In The Right Direction”

Retaining Rings with Beveled -Technology Improve Bearing Performance and Simplify Maintenance.

Bearing and VHO Beveled Retaining Ring.

Utilizing Rotor Clip’s VHO beveled retaining ring in a power steering pump assembly is beneficial for many reasons.  

Bearing and VHO Beveled Retaining Ring installed in housing.

The VHO beveled ring holds the bearing race and eliminates the need for an adjustable mechanical fastener. If the bearing race is not fixed, it can spin in the casting. If it spins in the casting, the bearing is not working properly and this could translate into a rough steering feel. At the low speeds these components are used, the beveled ring is a perfect solution for this type of application.

Beveled Retaining Rings act like a wedge between the groove and the retained part. This is accomplished by a 15° angle on edge of the ring. This, combined with a complementary groove angle, allows the ring to wedge itself between the groove and the retained part to eliminate endplay.
Beveled Retaining Ring Endplay TakeUp


  • Provide Rigid End-Play takeup.

  • Reduction of overall inventory costs by eliminating the need for shims and ground Rings.

  • Reduce operator handling time needed to measure groove and select-fit the correct ground ring or shim.
  • View Beveled Retaining Ring Series VHO/VSH 

By understanding these working conditions, the VHO ring takes up end play and small axial forces to fix the outer bearing race. The pre-cut groove in the casting of the pump and the beveled edge of the ring hold the bearing in place securely. Lastly, using this type of retaining ring in this application allows for easy maintenance. The ring can be removed with ease and the bearing can be replaced if it is not working properly. 


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