Rotor Express® Your Nationwide Retaining Ring Network the Fast and Easy Way to Get Small Quantities of Retaining Rings

Rotor Express Retaining Ring Service


The Fast and Easy Way To Get Small Quantities of Retaining Rings


You know the scenario. A customer calls with a “onsey, twosey” order for retaining rings and he needs them fast. If you don’t have them in stock, where do you go?Rotor Clip Company, a major manufacturer of retaining rings and related products, recognized your dilemma and established its “Rotor Express®” program as the answer. When you call Rotor Clip and your order is below the company’s minimum, you are connected to one of its Rotor Express® distributor partners in your area. You’re not just transferred to another location. Rather, the Rotor Clip representative conferences you in with the partner to ensure your needs are clearly conveyed and understood before exiting the conversation. Rotor Express® partners have very low minimums and experience in dealing with retaining rings. They’ll give you fast, courteous service and get you accurate answers to technical questions. Here are some typical questions and answers about the Rotor Express® program:

“Can I get my rings fast?”

Rotor Express® partners carry stock of the more popular styles and sizes. Chances are, the ring you are looking for is on the shelf and ready for same-day shipment. RE partners also have immediate access to Rotor Clip stock so that they can maintain their inventory at satisfactory levels.

“Can I Use a Credit Card?”

All Rotor Express® partners accept Visa® and MasterCard® for your convenience. Transactions are seamless and smooth and can be handled with a single phone call, in most cases.

“Can I be sure of getting Rotor Clip Rings?”

Rotor Clip has developed long term relationships with all of its RE partners. They are committed to handling Rotor Clip retaining rings exclusively. You can be assured that your retaining rings carry the Rotor Clip brand.

“Can I trust the quality of my rings from the Rotor Express® program?”

RE partners maintain lot traceability for all retaining rings they sell. This is the key that unlocks critical data back to the manufacturing process used to produce your rings. Rotor Clip is also registered to ISO/TS 16949:2002 with systems in place for measuring effectiveness and improving quality.

More than Parts. A True Partnership.

Our passion is creating the best rings, springs, and clamps. Our mission is to make your work a success. We are here for you.