Rotor Clip Supports Students with Free Samples.

Rotor Clip Supports Students with Free Samples.

 Rotor Clip Supports Students With Free Samples.

Rotor Clip has been providing students of different grade levels with free product samples to help them complete their major projects or daily inventions. Rotor Clip believes in the future of US manufacturing. By helping students achieve their goals, Rotor Clip is able to show how US manufacturing is thriving and able to compete on the global scale. Check out the example below. The Formula Motorsports Team at the University of Victoria utilized Rotor Clip retaining rings in their racecar.


   DSH-19 was used to retain the Tripod CV joints on their respective shafts. The Tripod bearing slips on the splined driveshaft and DSH-19 is inserted into a small groove to prevent relative axial movement. The Tripod bearing transfers drive from the shaft into the wheel hub, allowing for suspension actuation via a plunging motion as the wheels moves up and down. 


  CRS-24 was used to retain the driveshafts in their respective
Rzeppa CV joints. The circlips were installed in machined grooves in the splined portions of the shafts, which were then pressed into the CV joints, which have matching grooves in their splined sections. When seated, the circlip sits within the cross-sectional area of the splines and prevents separation of the steel members. The Rzeppa joints are used to transfer power from the differential to the driveshaft.


DHO-37 was used to retain the driveshaft and CV assemblies in the differential during vehicle operation, specifically during cornering. Bearings were pressed onto the splined shafts attached to Rzeppa joints, and these assemblies were then inserted in the differential. By installing the snap rings outboard of the bearings, they prevent the shafts from pulling themselves out of the differential during hard cornering.





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