Rotor Clip Offers “Rings on Wire (Row)” to Help Eliminate Packaging Headaches.

Rotor Clip Offers “Rings on Wire (Row)” to Help Eliminate Packaging Headaches.


One of the most common types of retaining rings is the internal/housing ring typically used for bearing retention. This includes, but is not limited to, the HO, VHO, DHO and DHT series. These rings are often difficult to handle due to their “open ended” configuration, which causes them to tangle when supplied loose bulk in a box (Fig. 1). Customers complained of difficulties in separating them for use in automated installation equipment or, in the case of distribution, in separating them into a standard packaging quantity that made sense for its customers.


Loose packaged external tapered section retaining rings


External tapered section retaining rings packaged as ROW

Rotor Clip developed one remedy for this dilemma with “Rings on Wire” production, or ROW. This method is an in-line process of producing retaining rings in which parts are formed and then automatically fed on wires through the lugholes in one process. Wires are crimped at the ends to prevent rings from sliding off. The rings are then heat treated and phosphated while on the wire stack using special processes. (ROW is currently only available for phosphated parts.) 

There are many advantages to ROW packaged rings, including that

1. Mixed parts are eliminated.
2. Sorting is eliminated.
3. Handling is reduced.
4. All parts are burr oriented.
5. Beveled parts will be properly oriented on the stack.
6. It yields a flatter part.


It should be noted that when our production process includes ROW processing  there is no additional charge for Rings-on-Wire packing option ,  and that ROW is standard packaging for many of our rings and constantly expanding.

Please contact the factory for more details and if your rings can benefit from this packaging option.  



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