Rotor Clip Introduces Interlocking Spiral Retaining Rings

Custom Spiral Retaining Ring

Recently, Rotor Clip engineers showcased their abilities to create custom parts and tools by introducing an interlocking spiral retaining ring. Utilizing a standard DCR non-interlocking spiral ring, Rotor Clip was able to engineer a custom tooling process to produce a new DCR-LS interlocking spiral retaining ring. 

The main advantages of the DCR-LS over the standard DCR are higher RPM limits, maintenance free applications, and tamper resistance. 




Applications where an interlocking spiral ring is considered, such as a gearbox, require the ring the stay in the groove at higher RPMs. High RPMs might cause the spiral ring to move out of the groove, causing application failures. The locking mechanism of the spiral ring ensures that the ring stays in the groove with higher RPM limits.




The locking mechanism of the spiral ring is also perfect for maintenance free applications. Further considering the example of a gearbox, manufacturers consider tightly sealed boxes with a very high cleanliness level to prevent any damages due to residual contamination. They are designed with components of the highest possible guarantee of no failure. An interlocking spiral ring used as a locking element can achieve a very low failure rate when operating inside the box.

This eliminates the need to open the gearbox and replace the part, which can lead to additional unwanted contamination of the assembly.





Lastly, tamper resistance in applications is another example of why interlocking spiral rings are utilized. The interlocking spiral ring is more difficult for an operator to remove the ring from the groove to make unauthorized or unnecessary adjustments to the machine. 


The introduction of the DCR interlocking spiral retaining ring is yet another example of Rotor Clip engineers consistently improving and creating custom parts for our customers. If you would to talk to a technical salesman about our new interlocking spiral retaining ring, contact Rotor Clip now.


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