Retaining Rings Steer Savings in the Right Direction for Power Steering Pump

Retaining Rings Steer Savings in the Right Direction for Power Steering Pump


The power steering pump, bearing, and retaining ring can be removed for easy assembly/disassembly of the pump.


The power steering pump, which has two retaining rings on either end, is easier to assemble/disassemble, and saves weight, fuel and money.


The two rings located on either sides of the pump are a beveled retaining ring and a wire ring. The beveled ring features a fifteen-degree beveled or angled edge. The angled edge allows the ring to wedge itself between the groove and angled section of the ring locking it into place. This reduces noise, vibrations and takes up any endplay that there might be. This is important to help reduce the stress the bearing may be put under during the pump’s normal operation.


The second ring located on the opposite end of the pump is a round constant section wire ring. This ring holds the end cover in place and makes it easier to dissemble and re-assemble the pump components from either end by simply removing one or both rings.


The power steering pump on the left uses a retaining ring to hold the bearing in place, which uses less material, is lighter and can be easily maintained. The power steering pump on the right has an enclosed housing to retain the bearing that uses more material, adds weight and makes it more difficult to maintain.

The bearing of the pump that only has one retaining ring is retained by a shoulder created from the casting of the metal body. This uses more material, costs more and adds weight to the pump and in turn to the vehicle. Consumers and automakers alike are consistently concerned with their vehicle’s miles per gallon performance due to high gas prices and environment. While the additional weight and material required by the expanded shoulder of the casting may not seem like a lot, it is these small details that auto makers pay attention to in order to make their vehicles more efficient and last longer.


Retaining rings are the logical choice to address such weight and material concerns.




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