Our Expertise: Customization

custom wave spring by engineer using CAD software

Despite an extensive standard catalog stock of  carbon steel and stainless steel with various dimensions and spring characteristics, some applications are not served with a standard stock retaining ring or flat wire wave spring. In these instances, Rotor Clip can produce a  custom part according to your unique specifications. 

With Rotor Clip, you can be certain that you get the assistance and answers that you seek before, during, and after you purchase from us. We have a dedicated and highly trained team of professionals to help you get the answers you seek. From pricing, lead times, logistics to part specs, application design assistance, and feasibility studies; our team has the answer 

custom wave spring by engineer using CAD software

 Every part starts as a drawing, done by our engineers,
using state-of-the-art CAD software.  

Even better, our wave spring production process does not require special tooling for nonstandard specifications when an existing wire size is used, so that the production costs of a custom spring can be equal to that of standard parts.

Below is some helpful information on the wide range of customized solutions that we can offer on our Tapered Section, Constant Section, and Spiral Retaining Rings, as well as on our Wave Springs. Additionally, below that, we’ve included a graphic on all of the various ending on our Constant Section Rings. 

Rotor Clip’s engineers to be able to help choose the right products for your application. We’ll be able to explain to you the suitability of one of our standard parts for your application or a custom design to perfectly fit your needs. 

Our highly engineered wave springs are one of our most versatile products

Our highly engineered wave springs are one of our most versatile products

Customization Ranges for our line of products: 

customization range for rotor clip products

Looking for a happier ending? 

We have 16 standard end types for our Constant Section Rings and we can create a custom end shape for whatever is demanded for your application.

custom constant section rings

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