Environmental Considerations.

Retaining Ring Environmentally Friendly

Retaining Ring Environmentally Friendly

Rotor Clip’s management has invested resources into the company and monitors the environmental impact of our manufacturing processes. Through out the years, as the company has grown, so has our commitment to the environment. Since it’s opening in 1957, Rotor Clip has had no environmental violations. Here are a few things Rotor Clip does to ensure its environmental impact is kept low and how we are improving these processes.

Rotor Clip Water Treatment

Rotor Clip designed and built its own water treatment facility. This in-house water treatment facility effectively removes metals that maybe present in the water as a result of our manufacturing processes. The metal captured in the filtration process is disposed of properly. The water is then released into the local sewer systems in accordance with proper PH levels enforced by law.

Rotor Clip Facility

Several years ago, Rotor Clip made the switch from oil based lubricants to water based lubricants. These lubricants are more environmentally friendly and eliminate the need to dispose of waste oil. Furthermore, Rotor Clip monitors and regulates its emissions into the atmosphere through its furnaces and air conditioners.

Rotor Clip has always had a strong commitment to recycling and the re-use of process materials when available. Over the years, Rotor Clip has developed manufacturing techniques that have reduced the materials needed with out sacrificing efficiency. Any scrap metal is separated and recycled properly.

Rotor Clip Rings on Wire Packaging

Lastly, Rotor Clip has developed an alternative way to package our parts called Rings On Wire. This packaging option cuts down the use of plastics and adhesive tapes.

Rotor Clip dedicates significant resources to correcting or eliminating sources of pollution as a result of our processes. The company has and will continue its commitment to the environment and take any responsibility required to ensure the cleanliness of our earth. 

We also encourage you to TAKE A LOOK at how the use of a retaining ring can be environmentally friendlier than using traditional fastening methods.

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