A Solution with a Few Twists

A Solution with a Few Twists

A Solution With A Few Twists

Last month we wrote about Rotor Clip’s technical sales engineers helping a customer with a special request for their application needs. This month we are continuing this trend but with a few twists – 3 twists to be exact. 

A customer approached Rotor Clip about designing a wave spring for a valve. The spring had to compensate for the wear seen in the application over its lifetime, and maintain a minimum force requirement to ensure all parts of the application stay engaged. To achieve the desired requirements, Rotor Clip engineers offered a tripled interlace wave spring design. 

Triple Interlaced Multi Turn Wave Spring

A triple interlace design consists of three wave springs with the same amount of turns, and waves/turn, which are interwoven to act as one cohesive unit. Traditional multi turn waves springs, and wave spring stacks, were becoming overstressed and would have failed due to plastic deformation (the stresses seen during compression would have exceeded the tensile strength of the material).  Instead, the triple interlace design was pursued for this application because the required force paired with axial travel (compression) fit the requirements for the application.  

Traditional Multi Turn Wave Spring


The design is based off of the theory of springs acting in parallel with each other.  The force of the individual springs that make up the interlace can be summed to estimate the total force of the final design. For example, when considering a spring designed for a nominal load, F, then the 3 springs interlaced together will have an approximate load of 3F.

This design allowed us to meet the customer’s clearance requirements, minimum loading, and axial travel without the additional tooling costs. 

If you need assistance with designing the proper retaining rings, wave spring, or hose clamp into your application please contact us.



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