Ring Applicators & Dispensers

Quality Tools Simplify Installation and Removal to Boost Operational Efficiency

Having the right installation tools can make a difference to your bottom line.

Because our products are engineered and packaged to make automated or manual assembly easy, we also make sure our tools minimize effort so you can increase efficiency and safety, while reducing downtime.

The lineup includes applicators, dispensers and wrenches to install retaining rings plus assembly tools for self-compensating hose clamps. Retaining ring applicators cover both standard inch and metric rings, while dispenser types include standard, heavy-duty, metric and even a handheld version. Retaining ring pliers and plier kits help ensure a proper grip no matter how small the space. And, hose clamp tools suit either manual or pneumatic installation. For added convenience, Rotor Packs provide everything you need to get your retaining ring installation process up and running quickly, all in a convenient carrying case. Rotor Clip has a long tradition of proudly engineering and making its installation tools line in the USA to give you quality and performance you can trust.

Rotor Clip installation tools not only bolster your workbench, they’ll speed up assembly to give you greater efficiency and thereby more returns for your fastener investment.

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Ring Applicators & Dispensers

Install or Remove Standard Inch and Metric Radial Retaining Rings According to Your Preferences

Our dispensers let users slip the retaining rings over a rail for easy stacking, and, once in position, a Rotor Clip applicator disperses them one at a time without the need to turn the tool. The ring will snap when properly seated in the groove.

Retaining ring applicator

Retaining Ring Applicators

Applicators are designed to install standard inch and metric radial retaining rings on a shaft. Applicators are made for a perfect fit with C, E/SE/YE, BE, RE, PO/POL, EL, DE, DC, ME, and JE rings.

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Heavy duty retaining ring dispenser

Heavy Duty Dispensers (D)

Featuring replaceable parts, these dispensers can attach permanently to a workstation. For use with Rotor Clip C, E/SE/YE, RE, PO/POL, DE, DC, ME and JE rings.

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Spring rail retaining ring dispenser

Spring Rail Dispensers (SD)

Durable and competitively priced spring rail dispensers offer more rail capacity and a powder metal coating for a no-rust finish. C, E/SE/YE, RE, PO/POL, DE, DC, ME and JE rings.

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rod-stacked retaining ring dispenser

Rod-Stacked Dispensers (RD)

This compact dispenser suits metric (DIN 6799) DE rings that come packaged on rods, and it mounts to your work surface.

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TX Applicator “Easy Guide”

This palm-sized applicator for Rotor Clip’s TX self-locking retaining rings features a spring-loaded magnet to securely hold a retaining ring in place.

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Rotor Kick Jr. (RKJ)

Automated Assembly Retaining Ring Tool for RG-31 Rings. Combining efficient automated assembly with operator convenience and comfort, this hand-held tool operates by air pressure to eliminate the repetition and carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) injuries. Provides efficient, trouble-free operation with electrical connections.

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XXL Retaining Ring Tool

Perfect wherever large shafts and bearings transmit very high forces and torque, this high-strength tool uses self-locking precision spindle action to securely open, close and hold rings in one operation. Suitable with any internal or external retaining ring with a diameter from 15 to 40 inches.

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Technical Advantages

  • Dispenser design allows for easy stacking.
  • Rings eject one-at-a-time using an applicator.
  • Applicators allow for installation without turning the tool. The ring “snaps” when properly seated in the groove.
  • Part and tool numbers are stamped on the dispenser to identify the tool and the corresponding ring.
  • Rotor Clip supplies a special dispenser for metric (DIN 6799) DE rings that are packaged on rods.
  • Spring rail dispensers feature a powder metal coating for a durable no-rust finish.


  • Dispensers offer quick, easy loading and precise, single-ring ejection.
  • The part and tool number are stamped on the dispenser for fast easy identification of the tool and corresponding ring.
  • Applicators install standard inch and metric radial retaining rings on a shaft.

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