Ring Plier Kits

Quality Tools Simplify Installation and Removal to Boost Operational Efficiency

Having the right installation tools can make a difference to your bottom line.

Because our products are engineered and packaged to make automated or manual assembly easy, we also make sure our tools minimize effort so you can increase efficiency and safety, while reducing downtime.

The lineup includes applicators, dispensers and wrenches to install retaining rings plus assembly tools for self-compensating hose clamps. Retaining ring applicators cover both standard inch and metric rings, while dispenser types include standard, heavy-duty, metric and even a handheld version. Retaining ring pliers and plier kits help ensure a proper grip no matter how small the space. And, hose clamp tools suit either manual or pneumatic installation. For added convenience, Rotor Packs provide everything you need to get your retaining ring installation process up and running quickly, all in a convenient carrying case. Rotor Clip has a long tradition of proudly engineering and making its installation tools line in the USA to give you quality and performance you can trust.

Rotor Clip installation tools not only bolster your workbench, they’ll speed up assembly to give you greater efficiency and thereby more returns for your fastener investment.

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Ring Plier Kits

Stock the Tools You Use the Most

Retaining ring plier kits come in rugged carrying cases to provide portability and durability for demanding environments, and they store easily.

The tools are designed to fit in a wide range of sizes from ⅜- to 4-inch diameter retaining rings, and meet most everyday MRO requirements.

Replaceable Tip Pliers Kit (RPK#1)

Small enough to fit in your pocket! This kit contains one internal and one external plier in a reusable, clear plastic case, and features eight pairs of replaceable tips that attach to the end of the pliers to cover internal/external retaining rings from ⅜ to 2 inches.

Ratchet Pliers Kit (RPK#2)

This kit features two ratchet pliers for internal/external retaining rings up to 4 inches. Its ratchet mechanism minimizes operator fatigue and effort.

Convertible Pliers Kit (RPK#3)

Our convertible pliers kit does the work of 24 individual tools! Twelve pliers easily convert from internal to external and back again. Includes straight, 45° and 90° tip pliers that will fit retaining rings up to two inches in diameter.

Rotor Pack (RPK#4)

Rotor Pack features 1,000 retaining rings in four durable, clear-plastic boxes with easy snap on/off lids. Boxes fit into slots on a plastic holder which folds in half into a convenient, portable carrying case. Rotor Pack contains internal ring sizes that will fit housing/bores from 3/8″ in diameter to 1-1/8″. External rings in the kit will accommodate shaft sizes from 1/4″ to 1-1/8″. Contains 2 pliers to fit every ring in the kit.

Rotor Pack Jr. (RPK #5)

Rotor Pack Jr. contains over 1,500 “E” retaining rings in four durable, clear plastic boxes with easy snap on/off lids. Boxes fit into slots on a plastic holder which folds in half into a convenient, portable carrying case. Rotor Pack Jr. contains “E” rings accommodating shaft sizes 1/16″ in diameter to 1-3/16″.

Mini Convertible Pliers Kit (RPK#6)

This kit features six pliers in straight and 90° configurations that will fit retaining rings up to 2 inches in diameter. It comes in a durable plastic case and easily stores in very tight spaces.

Technical Advantages

  • Inch and metric standard retaining ring pliers are made of high carbon, heat-treated steel.
  • Standard pliers feature a stop-and-return-spring for problem-free installation and removal.
  • Most retaining ring pliers have exclusive air-cushioned handles.
  • Pliers are offered with non-slip and solid tips, and handles feature non-slip plastic coating.


  • Pliers are offered in stop-and-return-spring, ratchet or convertible versions, as well as a heavy-duty model.
  • Pliers can fit sizes from ⅜ to 4 inches in diameter to satisfy most everyday MRO requirements, and a ratchet version accommodates rings as large as 10 inches in diameter.
  • Plier configurations include straight, 45° and 90° tips.
  • When used with internal rings, inch and metric pliers will position to the exact location of lug holes for fast assembly and removal.
  • Convertible pliers offer two-in-one internal and external changeability, thereby requiring less tools and reducing installation costs.
  • Rugged carrying cases provide portability and durability.

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