Image of a large bulk pile of hose clamps at Rotor Clip, featuring various sizes and designs, all made of durable stainless steel for strong, adjustable sealing in fluid and air conduits

Wire Hose Clamps

Wire Hose Clamps

Wire hose clamps feature heavy-duty steel construction and are particularly suitable for applications requiring a very effective holding force. A single wire hose clamp provides the most powerful grip, but customers can also select a slimmer version or a cost-effective double wire version with lower clamping force.

Installation and Applications

Hose clamps can be installed easily with either manual or pneumatic tools.

3D render of an Elbow Joint Hose Clamp application by Rotor Clip, demonstrating the clamp's effectiveness in securely attaching and sealing a hose at a bend, enhancing leak prevention and durability

Elbow Joint

Product Lines of Wire Hose Clamps

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