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Quality Overview
An Overview of Rotor Clip’s Quality certifications, facilities and policies.
Inspection Procedures: External Retaining Rings
Determining permanent set limits for basic external retaining ring
Inspection Procedures: Internal Retaining Rings
Determining permanent set limits for basic internal retaining rings

Inspection Procedures: Limitations – Dish, Pitch & Burr
Industry accepted parameters for retaining rings of dish, pitch and burr

Inspection Procedures: Constant Section Rings
Rotor Clip Laboratory Facility & Testing procedures, as well as temperature limits, salt spray testing and how to distinguish between Carbon Steel & Stainless Steel rings.
Heat Treating – Hardness
All Rotor Clip carbon steel rings and hose clamps are heat treated in-house using the austempering method.
Quality Checks on Retaining Rings
Testing critical retaining ring characteristics to make sure they meet stated specifications.
Quality Certificates
IATF 16949 Certificate
ISO 9001 Certificate

AS 9100 Certificate
ISO 14001:2015
ISO 13485:2016
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Inspection procedures, testing, heat treating & certifications.
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