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Rotor Clip is a global manufacturer of retaining rings for the wind power industry. These rings are made from high carbon steel in a variety of configurations to perform critical retention of bearings and other components in wind turbine assemblies.

Specific wind power applications for Rotor Clip retaining rings include pitch systems, main shaft bearings, yaw systems, gearbox bearings, generator bearings and brake systems. Rings can be made up to 1000mm in diameter to suit the specific requirements of any of these applications.

DSH-1000 DHO-1000
DSH-750 DHO-850
Rotor Clip retaining rings are highly engineered components with tooling designed by our in-house engineering staff and built by our tool room. All processes are performed in-house including forming the rings according to exacting specifications and heat treating them in our own in-house furnaces designed specifically for retaining rings. The heat treating process is critical since the performance of the ring depends on reaching a pre-determined hardness condition, which is assured through computerized feeding mechanisms and strict quality checking procedures.

Rotor Clip is a recognized quality manufacturer holding a TS16949 certification and known globally as a supplier to many of the world’s largest OEM producers.






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