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   Rotor Clip 2022 Holidays
Global Facilities

 Date  Holiday  Day(s) Closed
 Feb-21  Presidents' Day  Monday
 Apr-15  Good Friday  Friday
 May-30  Memorial Day  Monday
 Jul-04  Independence Day   Monday
 Sep-05  Labor Day  Monday
 Nov-24 - 25  Thanksgiving  Thursday / Friday
 Dec- 23 / Dec-26  Christmas  Friday / Monday
 Dec-30 / Jan-02 ('23)  New Year  Friday / Monday


Czech Republic
 Date  Holiday  Day(s) Closed
 01-Jan  New Year  Saturday
 15-Apr  Good Friday  Friday
 18-Apr  Easter Monday  Monday
 01-May  Labor Day  Sunday
 08-May  Day of Victory  Sunday
 05 - 06 May  Cyril and Metoděj, J. Hus  Tuesday / Wednesday
 28-Sep  Czech statehood Day  Wednesday
 28-Oct  The Emergence of Czechoslovakia  Friday
 17-Nov  Freedom Day  Thursday
 24-Dec  Christmas Eve  Saturday
 25 - 26 Dec  Christmas  Sunday / Monday


Date  Holiday Day(s) Closed
 03-Jan New Year’s Day (substitute day) Monday
 15-Apr Good Friday Friday
 18-Apr Easter Monday Monday
 02-May Early May bank holiday Monday
 02-Jun Spring bank holiday Thursday
 03-Jun Platinum Jubilee bank holiday Friday
 29-Aug Summer bank holiday Monday
 26-Dec Boxing Day Monday
 27-Dec Christmas Day (substitute day) Tuesday


Date Holiday Day(s) Closed
01-Jan New Year Saturday
15-Apr Good Friday Friday
18-Apr Easter Monday Monday
01-May Labor Day Sunday
26-May Ascension Day Thursday
06-June Whitsunday Monday
16-Jun Feast of Corpus Christi Thursday
03-Oct German Unity Day Monday
24-Dec Christmas Eve Saturday (1/2 day PM)
25 – 26 Dec Christmas Sunday /Monday
31-Dec New Year's Eve Saturday (1/2 day PM)


Date Holiday Day(s) Closed
 01 - 03 Jan  New Year's  Saturday - Monday
 31-Jan to 06-Feb  Spring Festival  1 Week
 03 - 05 Apr  Qingming Festival  Sunday - Tuesday
 30-Apr to 04-May  Labor Day  Saturday - Wednesday
 03 - 05 Jun  Dragon Boat Festival  Friday - Sunday
 10 - 12 Sep  Mid-Autumn  Saturday - Monday
 01 - 08 Oct  National Day  1 Week






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