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Customers have made it clear that they want quality products delivered on time, in the volumes they require. They also want their transactions to be seamless, with quotations and orders processed in a minimum amount of time. Rotor Clip has responded with its Rotor Express program. Through a series of partnerships throughout the country, Rotor Clip can now provide customers with small package quantities of retaining rings that would otherwise be too costly to process from the company's facility. These partners keep product on the shelf at extremely competitive prices and can respond to customer requests for product the same day, in most cases. And they provide you with the same quality products you would get when dealing with Rotor Clip direct.

Benefits of the Rotor Express program include:

  • Shipment of your order within 24 hours.
  • Knowledgeable product service.
  • Certification for any product provided by Rotor Clip through Rotor Express alliances.
  • Full engineering support through Rotor Clip.
  • Visa & MasterCard accepted.


Call Rotor Clip at 1-732-469-7333 with any quote or order, regardless of the quantity. If requirements are met, we will happily connect you to a Rotor Express partner to service your needs during the same call.

Below is a list of our Rotor Express Partners

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Prospect Fastener GL Huyett












Czech Republic

Doležal Pelhřimov    


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